Classic Hiltrup cycling event becomes the “Elbers-Cup”

The classic Hiltrup cycling event celebrates a comeback at the beginning of summer in 2016. The race, which was stopped in 2012 after the 26th running of the event, is now called "Elbers-Cup – 88mal um die Marktallee Elbers-Cup – 88mal um die Marktallee". The new version of the race takes place on Friday 24 June 2016 at 6pm in the Münster suburb of Hiltrup.

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Partners of the “Elbers-Cup – 88mal um die Marktallee” cycle race in Münster-Hiltrup: (from left) Michael Zahlten, Gideon Schwarze, and Herbert Schmid.Classic Hiltrup cycling event becomes the “Elbers-Cup”
Partners of the “Elbers-Cup – 88mal um die Marktallee” cycle race in Münster-Hiltrup: (from left) Michael Zahlten, Gideon Schwarze, and Herbert Schmid.

“We are delighted that withAgrar- und Baustoffhandlung Elber Agrar- und Baustoffhandlung Elber we have found a new partner that is intertwined in Hiltrup and the surrounding area. Together, we want to revive the tradition of competitive cycling in Hiltrup,” said Gideon Schwarze, chairman of the organisers RSV Münster, to the press on Thursday. Collaboration between RSV Münster and Theodor Elbers GmbH & Co. KG, a subsidiary of AGRAVIS Raiffeisen AG, is initially for three years. “This means we have planning security and can sustainably improve amateur sport within the Bund Deutscher Radfahrer,” states Schwarze.

Tradition, regionality, and reputation

“Theodor Elbers GmbH & Co. KG and the Hiltruper Radrennen fit each other superbly,” explains Elbers managing director Herbert Schmid. “The race has tradition – just like us. It is regional – like us. It is very well-known – just like us,” said Schmid when naming a series of things in common. Elbers has been a reliable partner within the agricultural trade and trade in construction materials for more than eight decades. Specialist stores are the third pillar of the company, and private customers can find everything they need for DIY, the garden, or for pets. Elbers moved into a new, state-of-the-art location in its headquarters in Amelsbüren on Amelsbürener Strasse a year-and-a-half ago. Further locations can be found in Dülmen and Lüdinghausen.

Overall fascination of cycling

“During this evening we will be highlighting the overall fascination of cycling,” says Gideon Schwarze. The first top riders have already stated that they will participate. There is also an attractive supporting programme so that everything points to a pleasant summer evening with sport, eating, drinking, as well as the show and entertainment in the heart of Hiltrup. “Details will be clear by the time of the spring festival on 21 - 22 May,” announced Schwarze.

Michael Zahlten, head of the organising team, added that the Hiltruper Kaufmannschaft were also active in arranging the evening. Zahlten also emphasised the long-term collaboration with Theodor Elbers GmbH & Co. KG. “We want to encourage passion for racing and for cycling in general.” This also includes working with youth as well as considering the health aspects of cycling.

All cyclists from Hiltrup and around can take part in the start of the new season with RSV Münster next week. The relaxed trip “Start in den Frühling” (Start into spring) starts on Saturday 2 April at 10am outside the Elbers trade in construction materials. Upon returning at approximately 12:30, riders receive a little refreshment.

Also: There are no matches in the European Championships in France on 24 June.

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