AGRAVIS supports active bee protection

AGRAVIS Raiffeisen AG also actively supports bee protection in Lower Saxony this year. “Now is the right time to sow flower stripsand wild and wild meadows,” sys Eberhard Möller from thecrop cultivation sales consultancy crop cultivation sales consultancy within AGRAVIS. Farmers that are participating in the Niedersächsische Agrarumweltmassnahmen (AUM) gained positive experiences regarding creation of blossoming marginal strips as early as spring 2015.

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“There has been a great deal of positive feedback from all sides for these colourful strips and small plots alongside arable land,” reports Möller.

The latest possible sowing date for the annual flower strip in programme B1 is 15 April, just like the previous year. It can only be delayed to a later point in time in substantiated and exceptional circumstances.

AGRAVIS Raiffeisen AG provides suitable seed mixtures seed mixtures for greening flower strips and also for creating wild meadows. These mixtures are developed in close collaboration with the Landesjägerschaft Niedersachsen and checked in field trials. “They offer a high degree of reliability in cultivation and an attractive habitat, as well as a varied food supply for our native wild animals,” states Eberhard Möller.

As well as other insect types, honey bees in particular benefit from the colourful variety of flowers and the food supply in summer months. AGRAVIS Imkermischung EU, which was developed together with the LAVES Institut für Bienenkunde in Celle, and the Landesverband Hannoverscher Imker, is very popular amongst bee-keepers. Within the framework of the AUM guidelines it offers the farmer the additional option of “participating in bee-keeping”.

The economic aspect of this regional programme makes it lucrative for the farmer to set up such meadows for wild flowers. This helps make the agricultural landscape more colourful, interesting, varied, and enjoyable. “The cultural value of our agricultural landscape is considerably enhanced with flower strips and meadows for wild flowers,” emphasises Möller.

The AGRAVIS-Saatgutzentrum in Isernhagen has all mixtures available in adequate quantities. Interested farmers can obtain these from the local Raiffeisen cooperatives.

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