Three new VitaMiral products at once

VitaMiral VitaMiral is ready to launch three new products for the cattle farm. cattle farm. VitaMiral Bulle Relax helps keep beef bulls calm. VitaMiral Kuchen Universal ensures all animals are provided with minerals and vitamins in the pasture and the cattle shed. VitaMiral OptiDry is a special mineral feed for single-phase feeding dry cows.

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“VitaMiral’s mineral feeds are specially designed to provide animals with exactly the minerals and active ingredients they need,” explains product manager Dr Peter Rösmann. “These innovative new products are effective in maintaining good quality, healthy animals in all branches of livestock management.”

VitaMiral Bulle Relax: mineral feed for beef bulls to optimise fermentation in the rumen and help keep animals calm.
Restlessness among bulls is a topical issue at the moment and a common problem during the intensive rearing of beef bulls. One possible cause may be the (sub-)acute over-acidification of the rumen (rumen acidosis). To help maintain calm in the herd farmers can now take advantage of a new field-tested product, ViraMiral Bulle Relax. This mineral feed is an effective aid in reducing over-acidification of the rumen – while at the same time improving digestion and increasing daily growth rates.

VitaMiral Kuchen Universal: a mineral lick block with molasses for use in the field or shed
Livestock farmers often find it a challenge to provide cattle with the minerals and vitamins they need on an individual basis. While conventional lick tubs are available as a cheap solution for giving cattle free access to minerals, acceptance levels for many commonly available tubs leave a lot to be desired. The new VitaMiral Kuchen Universal mineral lick with molasses is highly palatable to cattle thanks to a special recipe which the animals respond to very well. The formula for the product (60 kilograms in a square bucket) guarantees the optimum provision of all required macro-elements and trace elements, as well as vitamins. VitaMiral Kuchen Universal contains a high proportion of vitamin E and readily available (organically bound) selenium to help with the effective prevention of (diagnosed) symptoms of deficiency.

VitaMiral OptiDry: a special mineral feed for single-phase feeding of dry cows – plus reduced workload
With the squeeze on labour costs and procedural bottlenecks, dairy farms are being forced to feed dry dairy cows in a single phase. In this feeding regime it is still essential to ensure that the animals receive everything they need in their feed prior to calving. VitaMiral OptiDry makes it possible to feed dry cows properly using their lactating ration as a base: the ration for lactating cows is mixed with two to three kilos of feed straw and 300 grams of VitaMiral OptiDry per cow per day. This produces a ration that provides effective protection against milk fever, ensures a healthy start to lactation and also reduces workload on the farm.

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