New software solution from ODAS GmbH: perfection in documentation

Everything at a glance, all from the same source – claims that are made commonly enough but which are often not complied with at the end of the day. This is a mistake that ODAS GmbH ODAS GmbH, an associate company of AGRAVIS Raiffeisen AG, has no intention of making. The launch of its new software solution Delos software solution Delos has therefore been preceded by much careful deliberation and numerous tests and practical trials.

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“We’re ready to take the plunge now,” says managing director Torsten Smit. Delos will provide access to professional and technical advice and specific services to help Biogas Biogas plants to configure their processes more effectively and pool certain information for specific purposes.

All-round services for the agricultural fertiliser industry

“We are presenting the system with a slogan of ‘Perfection in documentation,’” says Smit. ODAS GmbH was established as a provider of all-round services for the agricultural fertiliser industry. Delos is designed to answer any questions on the subject and give customers the best advice wherever and whenever they need it. “It’ll cover everything from simple delivery notes to complex nutritional balances.” Above all, the software is intended to reduce workload.

Seamless documentation

Anna Hummert is responsible for the agricultural aspects of the software and explains how it works. “We aim to provide really practical help for farmers or farm managers in critical situations as well as during the normal working day.” So for example Delos can be used to report and record all feed movements, there is an option to set up a field index and store crop protection measures crop protection measures and the fertilisation schedule fertilisation schedule for the whole season. “There are a lot of things that require seamless documentation. The new fertiliser regulations will probably put even more administrative pressure on farmers, and we can help them to stay on top of everything,” says Hummert.

All-round support from AGRAVIS experts

“All the information farm managers need is accessible in one place. That’s the way we like to explain the underlying principle behind Delos,” says Torsten Smit. The all-round advice is complemented by the collaboration with feed feed and crop crop experts from AGRAVIS Raiffeisen AG. So, for example, farm managers can request help with the introduction of new feed plans designed to limit excess nutrients, e.g. reduced nitrogen and phosphorus feeds and a net energy concept. Or the crop advisers may supply tips on optimising the supply of nutrients.

Feed advice for biogas plants

The two parent companies, ODAS DEL GmbH and AGRAVIS Raiffeisen AG, are also working closely together in the biogas field. “With Delos we can monitor and optimise the acquisition of raw materials and the supply and disposal of substrates; we provide a procurement consultancy service,” says Smit. Specific advice for biogas plants is given in consultation with the biogas experts at TerraVis GmbH TerraVis GmbH, an AGRAVIS subsidiary.

Much of the content of Delos is not new and will already be familiar to farmers from other databases. The new aspect is that Delos has brought together the important information needed by farmers, employees, contractors and retailers and made it accessible to them in one place. Anna Hummert also points out that Delos offers the possibility of identifying special features like inclines or wet areas and making very specific notes: “This automatically gives farmers a visualisation of their contracts and they can determine what happens within the framework of an order.” She believes that the digitalisation and visualisation of the data can considerably ease the workload of farm managers.

Delos is continually updated

The farmer is not the only person working actively with the software: ODAS GmbH also uses it as a customer information system. “We have a database of work steps and information and can channel it as required,” says Smit. This means that everyone has access to the same up-to-date information. Change is rapid, especially in the online world, so Delos is designed for flexibility and is updated and developed continuously to meet new demands. The software can be accessed 24 hours a day for 365 days a year. Permanent security is ensured by cloud storage and all transmitted data is encoded. “No one needs to worry about their data,” says Torsten Smit. “Everything is secure with us.” Access is guaranteed at any time and pretty much anywhere via Android and iOS apps. The basic package is free and includes access to Delos, the ODAS newsletter and a surface area visualisation. The Premium and Professional versions are available by paying a processing fee.

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