AGRAVIS Technik group offers springtime lawnmower checks

Tested and approved: that’s the stamp customers expect to see on the equipment they receive from the AGRAVIS Technik group AGRAVIS Technik group for example, their new lawnmower. But what happens after several years of use? The professionals recommend a health check, for example before starting a lawnmower up after the winter.

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Motorised equipment can be taken to AGRAVIS Technik Münsterland-Ems GmbH, AGRAVIS Technik BvL GmbH and TecVis. Trained staff will then give the lawnmower a thorough check-up. Regular inspections can reveal minor faults before they can go on to cause serious damage. Every motorised garden machine contains technology similar to that in a car,

and so it needs to be serviced too, which includes changing the oil, cleaning the air filter and spark plug and checking the Bowden cables. “We do everything: changing the oil, sharpening the blades and so on,” says Dieter Ressemann, Sales Advisor for Motorised and Municipal Equipment and authorised representative of TecVis. Branded equipment in particular is worth taking to the qualified professionals at a workshop such as those of the AGRAVIS Technik group. The experts either have their own checklists or else work from the manufacturers’ own lists.

Customers also have a part to play in making sure their lawnmowers are in good order for the first cut of the season. The machine has to be looked after and kept clean. “The most important thing is to keep the mower free of old grass cuttings,” says the AGRAVIS expert. The reason for this is that acid can form in the leftover grass and over time attack the metal. Before the first cut of the year the customer should check that “everything that’s supposed to go round, does.” The mower should be filled with fresh fuel. “It’s also a good idea to do a test run. You don’t want to find out that it won’t start just as you want to cut the grass,” is the advice from the expert.

Checks should extend beyond the mower itself. “Before the first cut you should make sure there are no stones or branches left on the lawn from the winter,” says Ressemann. These can cause major damage to the mower if it goes over them.

Machines are given a test mark at each inspection, indicating that it meets accident prevention regulations, so customers can enjoy peace of mind as the new gardening year gets under way.

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