Agri Futura GmbH investing in new storage capacity

Agri Futura GmbH Agri Futura GmbH, a subsidiary of AGRAVIS Raiffeisen AG, is to further expand the performance capacity of its headquarters in Querfurt. At a symbolic groundbreaking ceremony on Wednesday, work began on the construction of a new silo installation. “This will increase our storage capacity, especially for cereals and rape,” explained managing director Juliane Kleinke, who is in charge of the cereal and oilseed business at Agri Futura. In the first construction phase four silos will be built. Investment in the project is running at around €3.5 million. The two main silos, which will each have a capacity of 10,000 tonnes, and two pre-silos, should be ready for use in time for the harvest in July.

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“In phase two of the building programme we want to reach our target capacity of 80,000 – in 2017 if possible,” adds Wolf-Dieter Schergun, Head of Storage Management at Agri Futura GmbH Agri Futura GmbH. The silos will replace the existing storage facility, which fails to meet today’s requirements.

Kleinke and Schergun stress that this investment will have a major effect on streamlining the processes involved in handling cereals and oilseed rape. “We will be able to speed up the processes significantly,” they say of the improvement to the service provided to the regions farmers. The new silos will have connections to the railway network, enabling loading and unloading to be carried out quickly by rail transport as well as road.

Kleinke and Schergun point out that Agri Futura GmbH aims to impress customers with efficient processes and quality products all year round, not just at harvest time, and the major investments already made during previous years underpin this fact. In 2014 a new fertiliser hall was built at a cost of €2.5 million and in 2009 the €12 million conversion of the compound feed plant began operation. Annual production of compound feed comes in at around 240,000 tonnes.

Agri Futura handles around 500,000 tonnes of cereals and oilseed every year. Storage capacity at Querfurt previously stood at 136,000 tonnes. The company, which currently has a workforce of 130 employees at 17 branches, has been well established in the region for many years and offers customers in the federal states of Saxony-Anhalt and Thuringia a dependable partnership for all issues relating to agriculture. Along with cereals and compound feed, compound feed, this also includes business in supplies such as seeds seeds, crop protection materials and fertilisers fertilisers as well as the sale of diesel, heating oil and lubricants. Well-established links with the AGRAVIS subsidiaries FGL Handelsgesellschaft mbH FGL Handelsgesellschaft mbH, AGRAVIS Fläming Mittelelbe GmbH AGRAVIS Fläming Mittelelbe GmbH and Baro Lagerhaus GmbH & Co. KG Baro Lagerhaus GmbH & Co. KG directly benefit the federal states in the east of the country.

Agri Futura GmbH is looking forward to a special highlight in the year to come: as part of the good practice exercised by AGRAVIS Raiffeisen AG, the Annual General Meeting Annual General Meeting is held at various group locations in turn. In May 2016 this major event will be taking place in Querfurt. Around 850 shareholders and guests are expected to attend the meeting on 19 May.

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