Results of the 2015 European corn borer survey

The European corn borer survey for 2015 conducted by the AGRAVIS crop consultancy AGRAVIS crop consultancy has established that the areas known to be colonised by the corn borer remain the same and that its spread has not significantly changed. Almost half of the 104 farmers who took part in the survey reported damage caused by the European corn borer in 2015.

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Five percent of these maize farmers had not seen any signs of infestation in previous years. The spread of damage was less pronounced, although 22 percent of respondents saw more widespread infestation compared with 2014. Only two farmers had no problems in 2015 after experiencing damage in previous years.

Besides the loss of revenue, there is also a risk of fusarium infections leading to higher DON levels in feed. It is therefore important to reduce the initial infestation of the European corn borer in the new season as far as possible. The weather has an major effect on how well the corn borer larvae survive the winter. Encouraging straw rot reduces the chances of the larvae hibernating in the maize stubbles or chopped stems. The advice to farmers from the AGRAVIS experts is therefore to mulch systematically to minimise the detrimental effects on yield and quality.

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