Busy times at AGRAVIS: our animal customers do not grant holidays

Those relaxing around the Christmas tree at Christmas think of a great many things, but certainly not of work. This is also how it should be. But it is by no means the case that everything and everyone "sleeps" during the festive period: at AGRAVIS, hard-working hands take care of the things that cannot be left undone even at Christmas.

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The employees also work on Christmas Eve at the AGRAVIS mixed feed plants, like here in Münster.Busy times at AGRAVIS: our animal customers do not grant holidays
The employees also work on Christmas Eve at the AGRAVIS mixed feed plants, like here in Münster.

The Christmas week is a busy time at the AGRAVIS mixed feed plants, AGRAVIS mixed feed plants, as the pigs, cattle and poultry care little whether it is Sunday or a public holiday. Quite the contrary in fact: "Our customers eat all day long," says Heiko Almann, Plant Manager at the mixed feed plant in Münster. We work in several shifts right up to 23 December. "If we're lucky, we're done by lunchtime on 24 December," he continues. After two days off, work continues again on 27 December and production runs as normal. There is no real rest for Almann and his team; indeed, they work at full capacity throughout the Christmas period. The work that is completed in five days otherwise is condensed into three during Christmas week.

On new year's eve, the employees work until 6 am; the mixed feed plant then remains closed for the rest of the day for an inventory. The employees finish the inventory at around midday.

High demand among farmers

Business also booms at AGRAVIS Mischfutter Oldenburg/Ostfriesland GmbH during Christmas week. "We are open 52 weeks a year and work in three shifts," explains Managing Director Jürgen Aumann. Two employees work nights. They load the lorries and deliver the feed to the farmers. "Over Christmas, we are almost unable to produce enough to meet demand," says Aumann. Farmers wants to stockpile larger quantities of feed shortly before Christmas to allow them to spend as much time as possible with their families over the festive period. Demand for feed is so high that the employees also worked the Sunday before Christmas to produce feed. Heinrich Bruns is also Managing Director of the mixed feed plant in Oldenburg and admits: "It has been like this for 25 years now, but the large feed volumes remain a challenge." Latest by 10 am on new year's day, the festive atmosphere has faded.

Winter services and on call around the clock

Pretty much everyone hopes for a white Christmas – except facility manager Elmar Kentrup, that is. He is responsible for winter services at AGRAVIS Raiffeisen AG and for clearing the roads after it has snowed. He is also in charge in the event of power cuts or problems with the sewage system: "I am on call around the clock and can be reached by mobile," explains Kentrup. He treats the Christmas holidays like a weekend; he is back checking the cables and pipes in the cellar on Saturdays and Sundays from 27 December. Everything must be sealed, otherwise the AGRAVIS employees raise the alarm. "There can't be any malfunctions, else we would have a major problem," says the facility manager.

Helping hands can be found throughout the entire AGRAVIS work area. "Service is our speciality": this claim of the companies of the Technik Technik group also applies during the holidays at the end of the year.

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