"The AGRAVIS Cup advertises equestrian sport"

"The 2015 AGRAVIS Cup 2015 AGRAVIS Cup advertises equestrian sport." This is how Dirk Bensmann, Member of the Managing Board at AGRAVIS Raiffeisen AG, summarised the four-day indoor tournament in the EWE-Arena in Oldenburg. The agricultural trade and service company was the title sponsor of this tradition-rich event for the second time. "The AGRAVIS Cup is already well known in its second year. We have witnessed outstanding sport and experienced a fantastic atmosphere in the arena," said Bensmann.

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AGRAVIS Member of the Managing Board Dirk Bensmann hands over a cheque for € 1,000 to Maurice Tebbel, winner of the AGRAVIS Future Prize.
AGRAVIS Member of the Managing Board Dirk Bensmann hands over a cheque for € 1,000 to Maurice Tebbel, winner of the AGRAVIS Future Prize.

After the indoor tournament, he handed over a cheque for € 1,000 to Maurice Tebbel. Tebbel was the young rider awarded the most points in the three show jumps during the AGRAVIS Cup. He is therefore also among the favourites for the 2016 AGRAVIS Future Prize. This show jumping competition for riders under the age of 25 launched by AGRAVIS last year and won by Maurice Tebbel is to gain significant additional value. Points will be awarded at a third tournament in Nörten-Hardenberg in addition to those in Oldenburg and Münster. Also new this year: prize money totalling € 10,000 will be made available for the AGRAVIS Future Cup.

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"The new format will kick off in January 2016 with the K+K Cup in Münster; after next year, the finale will be held at the AGRAVIS Cup in Oldenburg in turn," explains Dirk Bensmann. "I am already very excited to see whether Tebbel will once again take the lead or if another rider among the top talents will take centre stage." The prize ceremony at the AGRAVIS Cup in Oldenburg was a special one-off solution to get into the new competition rhythm.

"I find it great that the AGRAVIS Group above all considers the promotion of young talent within its commitment to equestrian sport," commends national youth trainer, Markus Merschformann. "I believe the importance of the AGRAVIS Future Prize is enhanced with further development of the concept.

"Overall, we witnessed exciting show jumping and dressage competitions at the 2015 AGRAVIS Cup," said Bensmann. Besides many national and international stars of the equestrian sport scene, the AGRAVIS Cup also offered countless talented young riders from the region a platform to showcase their skills before a large audience. "I really liked how the public supported particularly the younger riders time and time again with so much emotion," the AGRAVIS Member of the Managing Board says of the fantastic atmosphere on the course. "For me, the four days once again showed that equestrian sport has an extremely broad impact in Oldenburg and the surrounding area. Our presence and the support of the regional cooperatives allowed us to maintain contact with countless customers and business partners during the AGRAVIS Cup."

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