International Crystalyx Symposium in Ireland

The international symposium of Crystalyx Products GmbH Crystalyx Products GmbH, an associated company of AGRAVIS Raiffeisen AG, invited people to an exciting mix of scientific knowledge and practice reports. Under the title "Feeding the world requires a stable efficient rumen", experts from throughout Europe took part in discussions in the Irish capital of Dublin.

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Ian Dalton, director of Crystalyx Products GmbH, opened the international Crystalyx Symposium in Dublin.International Crystalyx Symposium in Ireland
Ian Dalton, director of Crystalyx Products GmbH, opened the international Crystalyx Symposium in Dublin.

The lectures by veterinary surgeons, academics from the universities of Aberystwyth, Dublin and Kansas and product managers from various sales regions all dealt with the central issue of how sustainable and sufficient food production can be ensured in future without causing additional stress to the environment or even polluting it.

"The bases for these plans are well-considered feeding feeding and healthy, strong animals," says Ian Dalton to start. Together with Reinhard Pröbsting, he manages the business of Crystalyx Products GmbH. In relation to these aspects, Crystalyx licks Crystalyx licks can make an important contribution towards improving the strength and fertility of the animals. Almost all farm animals can be fed with the products, some of which are produced at the AGRAVIS site in Oldenburg.

The symposium in Ireland forms the closure for a year that truly reflected the company's ten year anniversary. Established in 2004 as a joint venture between AGRAVIS Raiffeisen AG and Caltech, located in England, Crystalyx Products GmbH now sells its products in more than 27 countries throughout the world. Crystalyx manufactures special mineral licks for cattle, pigs, sheep and horses with its own patented process. This also includes pick blocks for poultry and feed blocks for feeding wild animals. "We continue to be convinced that our products belong on the farms", emphasised Reinhard Pröbsting during the event in Dublin.

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