AGRAVIS cup: title sponsor draws a positive interim conclusion

AGRAVIS Raiffeisen AG draws a positive interim conclusion with regard to the title sponsoring of the indoor tournament in Oldenburg. "Today, we already talk quite naturally about the AGRAVIS Cup Oldenburg. We as namesake for the event are of course particularly pleased by the fact that the new title of the former "Oldenburger Pferdetage" has been absorbed into everyday language use so quickly", Dirk Bensmann, board member of the agricultural retail and services company, told press members on Tuesday in the EWE arena.

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The fact that apart from top-class sport, the promotion of young talent plays such an essential role at the AGRAVIS Cup had been one of the reasons "why we as AGRAVIS Raiffeisen AG were so absolutely eager to consent to taking over the title sponsoring", said Bensmann. "However, we see our dedication also as a commitment to the region. Oldenburg is an important location for the AGRAVIS Group. At our feed plant at the port of Oldenburg we annually produce more than 400,000 tons of animal feed animal feed. Our company's customers live and work in this region. At the AGRAVIS Cup we meet many of them and get into a conversation with them", explained the group representative to the journalists.

AGRAVIS had a high affinity to equestrian sport – through the subsidiaries Derby Derby and Höveler Höveler, who are producing high-quality horse feed, but also through the Raiffeisen stores Raiffeisen stores, who are keeping a wide range of products for equestrian sport.

However, there were also other good reasons for the company to get involved in equestrian sport and thus in Oldenburg. "In my opinion, equestrian sport stands for values: these include respect, motivation, diligence, the ability to cooperate in a team, mutual appreciation." Equestrians had to bring along these traits to be successful in their sport, emphasised Bensmann. "We as AGRAVIS promote these values also in our own company, they are part of our corporate culture."

In addition, supporting the equestrian sport would pay off for the employer brand AGRAVIS. In future too, the company needed qualified employees to sustain its continuing growth course.

Dirk Bensmann announced that from 2016 onwards, the AGRAVIS Cup in Oldenburg will be the scene of the decisive race for the AGRAVIS Future Prize. This Young Talent Award for show jumpers under the age of 25 had been awarded by the company for the first time in the previous year. Maurice Tebbel was the winner at the premiere. From 2016 onwards, not only the results of respectively three show jumpings at the indoor tournaments in Oldenburg and Münster will enter this judgement, but the tournament in Nörten-Hardenberg that is held in May each year will also be incorporated in the AGRAVIS Future Prize.

"I am sure that the equestrians under the age of 25 will appreciate this", Bensmann commented the further development of the concept. So as to further increase the good response to the AGRAVIS Future Prize from the circle of active equestrians and to establish this competition, endowed with a prize money from 2016. "We are busy with the final round of talks", reports Dirk Bensmann. Details with regard to the AGRAVIS Future Prize would be certain at the start of the tournament in November.

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