Biogas plants: Technical paper by AGRAVIS expert

Dr Sabine Rahn is the AGRAVIS expert for biogas biogas and ensilage ensilage. Together with some of her peers, she has written an article on the subject of "Chemical desulphurisation of biogas plants" with the title "Iron hydroxide is not the same as iron hydroxide". The report has been published in the technical publication "Joule - das Fachmagazin für Erneuerbare Energien".
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The technical book published by TerraVis GmbH TerraVis GmbH, a subsidiary of AGRAVIS Raiffeisen AG, matches the topic. Under the title of "Desulphurisation of Biogas Plants", expert knowledge has been gathered, concentrated and brought into shape.

Please contact Jens Petermann at Terravis under +49+251/682-2438 or by email: if you would like to order this book.

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