AGRAVIS presents innovative products for pig farmers

On 9 September 2015, Haus Düsse invites farmers to the "Düsser Schweinetag 2015". Between 10 a.m. and 6 p.m, pig farmers pig farmers are invited to catch up on pig production, potentials in modern animal husbandry and genetics. As an exhibitor, AGRAVIS Raiffeisen AG will be demonstrating its extensive range.

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At its fair stand inside the tent, the company will present numerous new products as well as comprehensive concepts in matters relating to animal husbandry, animal well-being and animal health. The focus is on the operational orientation towards a coherent combination of economically efficient animal production and responsible treatment of animals. The AGRAVIS presentation focuses on products and advice that improve animal husbandry as well as animal hygiene and health.

The following key aspects will be presented:

NeoPigg-RescueCare-System – Innovative concept for pig farmers

The presentation of the NeoPigg-RescueCare-System is all about animal welfare. The system allows maximum feed intake during the suckling period from birth to weaning. As a result of the high intake of milk and prestarter, an enzyme training and the development of a good-performing digestion system are guaranteed. Correspondingly, higher daily intakes can be achieved after weaning and health issues can be avoided. The additional milk supply offers a good opportunity for large litters to be supported and weight loss by sows, which can lead to a lower number of piglets, can be limited. AGRAVIS Raiffeisen AG additionally offers patented Provimi technology for optimal use of the products: The Neopigg RescueCups allow the piglet milk Neopigg RescueMilk 2.0 and the liquid prestarter Neopigg Smooth 2.0 to be used as desired 24 hours a day in best hygienic and fresh quality.
The RescueCups are installed in every farrowing pen and automate manual feeding. The piglets can help themselves and receive freshly prepared feed when required. Feed losses are kept to a minimum. The cups contribute to achieving the maximum success with the minimum amount of work.

Feed with Significantly Reduced N and P

The planned new Fertilizer Ordinance is set to limit the use of commercial fertilizers. Particularly the specifications for phosphorus will significantly increase the space requirements for many pig farmers. The application of the new specifications of the German Agricultural Society (DLG) for balancing nutrient excretion and innovative feed concepts can counteract this. AGRAVIS Raiffeisen AG and its agricultural cooperative society partners have been dealing with this for a long time. Thus, in addition to "universal fattening feed" and "N+P-reduced feed", it will in future be possible to use "feed with significantly reduced N+P". Specifically using the AGRAVIS feed concept Olympig Olympig Verro is recommended here. The conception based on digestible nutrients enables significant lowering of the protein and phosphorus content. This reduces N and P excretion. In addition to a significant reduction in the need for liquid manure area, feed costs can also be lowered. In practice and many trials, Olympig Verro has shown that, despite the lowering of the nutrient content, the same and sometimes even more efficiency is achieved. For its own mixtures with significantly reduced N and P, AGRAVIS Raiffeisen AG offers corresponding Fisopan feed supplements Fisopan feed supplements and Vitamiral mineral feed Vitamiral mineral feed.

Rummage and licking block Crystalyx Piglyx

With Crystalyx Piglyx Crystalyx Piglyx AGRAVIS Raiffeisen AG presents an organic activity option for pigs kept without bedding material, which is being manufactured in a patented production process. It consists of dehydrated molasses, plant fat and mineral substances and has a dry matter content of more than 95 percent. This feed supplement is just as unique on the market as the space-saving presentation form: the rummage box, consisting of molasses block and stainless steel mounting, enables pigs to live out species-typical behavioural patterns on perforated flooring, but takes up a minimum of usable pen area. Crystalyx Piglyx exerts a long-term attraction due to its taste and does not affect the liquid manure system. The mounting is very robust, easy to clean and can be installed on virtually all customary slatted floors in the pen – without having to move the pigs out beforehand. Owing to the special design, there is no risk of injury for the pig. At the same time, it obviates the need for labour-intensive, daily population of the pen with organic activity options like straw or alfalfa hay.

Excellent DVG listing values of Desintec Peroxx Liquid

The new high-performance surface disinfectant Desintec Desintec Peroxx Liquid is characterised by its foam properties based on a highly effective peracetic acid formulation for disinfecting animal barns and barn equipment. The surface disinfectant is effective against bacteria, viruses and fungi. The effect has been proven through extensive microbiological tests for animal rearing. Because of the innovative formulation, the DVG listing values (use concentrations) of Desintec Peroxx Liquid against bacteria and viruses are considerably lower than other acid-based products. Consequently, the disinfectant is even more powerful and particularly economical.
Desintec Peroxx Liquid is also effective at low temperatures (10 degrees) and is listed in the resources list for ecological farming in Germany (FiBL). After cleaning the areas to be disinfected, the Peroxx Liquid disinfectant solution is applied to the dried surfaces. An optimum result against bacteria, fungi and viruses is achieved with a 0.5 to 0.75-percent solution.


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