AGRAVIS experts provide useful hints regarding the second cut of the grass harvest

First a lot of rain, then tropical heat and finally thunderstorms and hail – the weather demands a lot of spontaneity from agriculturists. These days, the second cut of the grass harvest is under way. After the last spell of hot weather, it partly comes off the field dry as hay. However, for those out of luck, local storms will spoil the record. Experts from AGRAVIS provide useful hints regarding correct grassland cultivation grassland cultivation.

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"In northern Schleswig-Holstein, agriculturists have only just started with the second cut", explains Peter Hammann, who is travelling Schleswig-Holstein and Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania as grassland consultant for AGRAVIS Raiffeisen AG in the seeds seeds sector. In these regions, many agriculturists have on account of the aridity and cold also only been able to carry out the first cut at the end of May/beginning of June, a good two weeks later than usual. In southern Schleswig-Holstein they had already been in the fields in mid-May. "As far as the amount of grass is concerned, the first cut has been small", Hammann knows; "and even now quantities are not what we would desire. The month of June has after all been quite rainy and not satisfactory. Nevertheless, agriculturists are to keep up the cultivation intensity by fertilising and reseeding to make efficient use of the ever more expensive areas."

Secondary seeds for quality assurance

In the field of activity of Imke Hansing, the crop cultivation sales consultancy in Cloppenburg, agriculturists are quite satisfied with the harvested quantities of grass. "Pastures do not suffer as much from the weather as for example grain", says Hansing. However, things are starting to get problematic for those agriculturists who have mowed at the end of June and directly faced the hot spell: "The sun is then burning down on the harvested area and fertilising is also not possible. The turf is not able to recover as fast as it should. In areas where precious grass has withered now during summertime, reseeding has to be carried out in autumn to secure the quality." After all, the third and fourth cut of 2015 are already marked in the agriculturists' diary.

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