Grain harvest about to commence

Four questions to Ralf-Georg Keunecke, Manager Product Management in the crop cultivation crop cultivation sales consultancy of AGRAVIS Raiffeisen AG in connection with the upcoming grain harvest.

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Ralf KeuneckeGrain harvest about to commence
Ralf Keunecke

What does the current grain grain situation look like?

Keunecke: The currently very hot and dry weather accelerates grain ripening so that especially on sandy sites, for instance in Brandenburg and Sachsen-Anhalt, the barley harvest is about to commence.

How will the harvest turn out this year?

Keunecke: It is expected that this will be a rather average harvest. The record harvest predicted at the beginning of the year will not be achieved this year because of the lack of rain at the end of May. However, according to numerous predictions, it will all in all range above the average achieved during previous years.

Will the weather affect other crops that are harvested later?

Keunecke: It remains to be seen how the maize will continue to develop. On heavy, cold sites, for instance on loamy soil, the maize had to grapple with low soil temperatures, while on light sites, for instance on sandy soil, it seriously struggled because of a lack of rain.

How will the maize continue to develop?

Keunecke: The recent rainfall and the rising temperatures have initially provided some relief. Time will show to what extent the maize will be able to recover.

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