AGRAVIS boss Dr. Große Frie receives the business award of the city of Münster

Dr. Clemens Große Frie, CEO of AGRAVIS Raiffeisen AG, has been awarded the business award of the city of Münster. "Clemens Große Frie has rendered outstanding services to the business location Münster", said mayor Markus Lewe. He praised the entrepreneurial vision of Große Frie that is paired with social responsibility.

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AGRAVIS CEO Dr. Clemens Große Frie (on the left) and Münster's mayor Markus LeweAGRAVIS boss Dr. Große Frie receives the business award of the city of Münster
AGRAVIS CEO Dr. Clemens Große Frie (on the left) and Münster's mayor Markus Lewe

The AGRAVIS boss attached great importance to a forward-looking personnel development and knew that a company can only be successful if it is staffed by good employees. Laudator Wolfgang Hölker described Große Frie as a man of action and motivator, who was able to inspire people and who, in "pole position" as CEO, desired to steadily advance the progress of the company AGRAVIS. "Standing still means to get outrun by others", was one of the maxims of Große Frie.

Entrepreneurial accolade

To him, the business award was an entrepreneurial accolade, said Große Frie during his speech of thanks in front of around 200 guests. He did not refer the distinction only to himself, but also to the economy and industry in Münster in its entirety. In addition, the award proved the significance of the agrarian economy in Münster. "It is the secret agricultural capital of the Republic."

Before the ceremony at the Erbdrostenhof palace commenced, Dr. Clemens Große Frie signed the golden book of the city of Münster in the "Friedensaal" at the city hall. Große Frie has the reputation of an innovatively thinking entrepreneur who does not shy away from social responsibility. Under his management, AGRAVIS Raiffeisen AG has since 2004 developed into one of the leading agricultural retail and service companies in Europe – by means of purposeful investments, acquisitions, operative excellence and by focusing on profitable growth areas. It was he who early on set the course for fostering the co-operative network system combined with a sustained internationalisation of the Group.

Heading the company since its foundation

Success proves him right. Today, AGRAVIS with its more than 6100 employees, a turnover of roughly 7.4 billion Euro, 400 locations predominantly in Germany, subsidiaries and associated companies in more than 20 countries and export activities to more than 100 countries, counts among the largest agricultural retail companies in Europe. Since the foundation of AGRAVIS Raiffeisen AG, Große Frie has been heading the company that was born out of a merger in 2004. He was the one who set AGRAVIS' course to growth. Under his guidance, turnover has more than doubled, while equity capital has in the meantime increased from 172 million Euro to 461 million Euro. The number of employees number of employees increased by more than one third, the apprenticeship ratio amounts to around 9 percent.

Modern, innovative agricultural retail company

Today, AGRAVIS is a modern, innovative agricultural retail company in the core segments agricultural products, animal nutrition, crop cultivation and agricultural technology. It also operates in the areas of energy, construction service and Raiffeisen stores. With more than 4 million tons of feed, it is one of the largest national producers. The company collects and deals with raw materials such as grain and rapeseed, sells fertiliser and seeds for agriculture, offers agricultural technology ranging from tractors to combine harvesters, conducts an energy business with fuel stations and fuel oil trade and operates Raiffeisen stores. Main focus of the field of activity are the federal states North Rhine-Westphalia, Lower Saxony, Saxony-Anhalt, Saxony, Brandenburg, Schleswig-Holstein and Mecklenburg-Vorpommern.

Important promotion of young talent

Apart from the constant entrepreneurial advancement of the group, the graduated agricultural scientist and Borussia Dortmund fan really cares about a forward-looking personnel development, a health management that assists both employees and the company, and a sustained promotion of young talent, which enables employees to make their career and to work successfully within their "own" company. The appreciative corporate culture at AGRAVIS also expresses itself in multiple top rankings achieved in the course of the Focus employer ranking.

Varied committment

The city of Münster considerably benefits from this commitment for employment, education, culture, social welfare and sport. The next generation of footballers at the SC Preußen Münster is promoted both on a material level and with the training and internship positions offered. In equestrian sport, numerous tournaments are on the list of promoted events, among others the Tournament of the Winners and the K+K Cup. Besides, the company is involved in promoting regional culture. The winner of the business award 2015 is president of the Intercoop (Association of European main agricultural cooperative societies) and vice president of the German Raiffeisen Association (DRV) in a honorary capacity. In his local environment, the 63-year old laureate lobbies for the mercantile community of Münster and the initiative "Industry in Münster".

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