Rapeseed variety selection: AGRAVIS tips on autumn sowing 2015

When selecting the the variety of rapeseed rapeseed we recommend numerous lines and hybrids for autumn sowing, which have been tried and tested over many years. New hybrid rapeseed varieties are also recommended test cultivation. The hybrid varieties Avatar, Sherpa, DK Exstorm and Atenzo are generally recommended as tried and tested varieties for all rapeseed varieties.

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They are all ideal because of their rather rapid growth in autumn to the middle or late sawing season and are classed as hardy. Avatar, which originally showed its yield strength on better soils and when sowed after ploughing, has recently also achieved good yields through strip-tilling. Avatar und Sherpa have a good resistance and an early, consistent maturation. Avatar was particularly impressive in terms of oil content.

DK Exstorm and Atenzo

DK Exstorm and Atenzo take somewhat longer to grow and need more intensive shortening in the spring. Both varieties are resistant to fungal disease and can be placed well in tight rapeseed crop rotation. Yield certainty of the two hybrids is secured by the genetic resistance to fungal disease. Over three test years, DK Exstorm and Atenzo achieved very high corn yields in internal AGRAVIS tests. The later maturation is realised by both varieties in very high yields.

Marathon and Mercedes

Varieties recentled included and tested in cultivation include Marathon and Mercedes. The shomewhat shorter, very resistant and robus Marathon is ideal for all rapeseed locations with plugh and strip-tilling. With its consistent and fast maturation, Marathon makes it into the early to middle threshing window. The hybrid Mercedes is faster growing than Marathon and is very for the later sowing dates – also in strip-tilling. In terms of growth, the variety is classed as growing medium to tall together with good resistance. It blossoms early to middle, but its maturation is not as early as Sherpa or Marathon.


In the line segment we trust in the tried and tested: The line Arabella, approved by the Federal Office for Species in 2013, has ultimately proven itself in current recommendations. As the only line with RLM-7 genetics it is ideal for all locations. It should be sowed in the early to middle time segment. it is hardy, resistant, early to middle maturation and yield-secure as a result of its resistance to fungal disease.

Penn and Raffiness

For test cultivation, we recommend the hybrid varieties Attletick, DK Exception, Medea, Penn and Raffiness. They have high to very high corn and oil yields. Because of the good shooting stability, Raffiness is very hardy, is compatible with a good use of slurry in autumn and belongs in the early to middle sowing, also under strip-tilling conditions at medium to good locations. Penn is the only variety to obtain new approvals from the Federal Office for Species which scored the maximum of 9 for corn and oil yield. It has good shooting stability in autumn, is considerably faster growing than Raffiness and belongs to the middle to late sowing season in medium to good soil. Regeneration after winter is somewhat slower. The medium-early blossom is relatively short and the maturation is somewhat later than Raffiness.


Attletick, which achieves very high corn and oil yields (9/9), and which is suitable for medium-early to late sowing with plough or strip-tilling at all rapseseed location, also has to be classified similarly. In addition it has good resistance, is highly disease-resistant and has a very consistent blossom with consistent maturation.


The rapeseed hybrid Medea can be cultivated in medium to difficult locations and, with a rather reserved development, is better suited for early to medium sowing. The yield performance with the official classification of 8 in terms of corn and oil yield was confirmed in 2014 in Federal variety tests.

DK Exception

DK Exception was able to put itself forward in the AGRAVIS tests with very high yield results. It exceeded the test average by ten percent and as a result can achieve a very high market performance with medium oil content. Because of its calm development, it belongs in the medium sowing window and achieves the very high yield potential through the medium-late maturation. Because of its resistance to fungal disease it has very good health.

More tips on the individual selection of types are available from Michael Kleimann at AGRAVIS-crop cultivation consulting crop cultivation consulting, Tel. 0172 . 2732889, michael.kleimann@agravis.de

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