Buy pellets now: Raiffeisen bio-fuels have price advantages

The prices for wood pellets wood pellets are particularly attractive in the warm season. This can be seen again now. Knud Kielmann, expert for the own brand RPellets at Raiffeisen Bio-Brennstoffe GmbH Raiffeisen Bio-Brennstoffe GmbH, explains.

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Most Germans have their summer holidays soon. So hardly anyone is thinking about next winter and filling their pellet store. A mistake?
Knud Kielmann, Raiffeisen Bio-Brennstoffe GmbH
: When it is warm and the holidays are coming, no-one looks towards the next cold season. It makes perfect sense. Despite this, it is worth it to think about buying pellets in the summer. The price per tonne in May was around Euro 240, which is 1.8 percent less than in the preceding month. The price advantage compared to the same time last year is 4 percent. If you buy now, you can save money compared to buying in the winter.

Should consumers, who want to convert to pellet heating, also do this in the summer?
: It certainly makes sense. Firstly, the conversion will be done when the heating is not needed. Secondly, the pellet price typically falls to its lowest price in the summer. This makes the first filling particularly attractive when it is 30 degrees in the shade.

Since 1 April 2015, the new, higher support rates for pellet heating apply. Will the demand for this fuel increase further?
: We generally assume so. The industry is expecting a total of 400,000 pellet heating and pellet burners this year. Even if the current order figures do not indicate above-average growth as a result of the new subsidy rates, we are are positive that demand for pellet heating will increase further over the long term. In general, the price advantage of pellets compared to heaitng oil heaitng oil averages around 30 percent over the last 10 years.

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