Raiffeisen Uckermark building new storage for Euro 9 million

Everything should ready in time for the harvest. Until then, however, there is much work to be done on the new silos, which are gradually rising into the sky above Schwedt. Construction are everywhere, tens of trades are teaming over the large site at the port on Hohensaaten-Friedrichsthaler-Wasserstrasse. The client is Raiffeisen Uckermark GmbH & Co. KG Raiffeisen Uckermark GmbH & Co. KG, a subsidiary of AGRAVIS Raiffeisen AG.

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A modern and extremely high-performance grain transfer site is currently be created in Schwedt harbour for around Euro 9 million.Raiffeisen Uckermark building new storage for Euro 9 million
A modern and extremely high-performance grain transfer site is currently be created in Schwedt harbour for around Euro 9 million.

Director Thomas Frank checks up on the progress of the large-scale project almost every day. Overall it is the fourth investment realised in the Schwedt port: in 2002 a logistics and transfer centre was built on a 28,000 square metre site for Euro 15 million, with a storage capacity of 85,000 tonnes, a mix and a BigBag filling plant. "This was a big step for us," recalls Frank. The receiving capacity increased to two-times 200 tonnes per hour and the loading capacity to 250 tonnes per hour for ships and 150 tonnes per hour for trucks. In 2007 a grain warehouse for 30,000 tonnes was added, and in 2010 a plant protection warehouse.

Investment in strength and growth

And this is not random: Schwedt is the largest town and the economic centre of the Uckermark district. It is strategically located directly on the Oder, which in turn can be accessed via Hohensaaten-Friedrichsthaler-Wasserstrasse. "Shipping is extremely important for us," stresses Thomas Frank. The location on the water, as well as the direct proximity to the Polish border, underline the importance of Schwedt: The grain flows travel primarily from east to west. "A large proportion of the grain is produced in eastern Germany and in Poland, which is needed in western Europe." Nobody misses Schwedt when they travel on the path through the continent. Especially as the port can be accessed by three routes: ship, truck or train. "This trimodality is a clear competitive advantage," the director knows.

Large storage capacities are important

The new warehouses are being built in order to exploit this advantage further and to underline the desire to grow and expand. Six silos, each with a volume of around 13,000 tonnes and three smaller versions with 1,500 tonnes each should be ready the harvest time. "In agriculture, extreme quantities occur in just a few weeks," explains Frank. So the large storage capacities are extremely important: "We can receive and process everything." The market is then continuously supplied with these reserves - depending on demand The fertiliser fertiliser business runs in reverse: Raiffeisen Uckermark buys the goods throughout the year and provides it to customers in large quantities as required. "The direct business with farmers is and remains or main job," stresses Frank.

Nationwide flow of goods

In addition to its declared goal, the company also wants to become established in the nationwide flow of goods. Recently, more and more large dealers and marketers have joined Raiffeisen Uckermark: "They recognise us as a location, from where they can access the large German consumption and production areas." In addition, the new investments show farmers in the region that Raiffeisen Uckermark and AGRAVIS are two strong partners that have large amounts of confidence in the productivity and wealth creation in the region and that are also making long-term commitments with the investments. "With the investment we want to show that we are supporting the developments in the branch and therefore want to increase our power," says Thomas Frank.

At a glance: Raiffeisen Uckermark GmbH & Co. KG

  • Subsidiary of AGRAVIS Raiffeisen AG since 2013
  • Locations: Schwedt (central), Angermünde, Casekow, Passow
  • Employees: 105
  • Turnover 2014: Euro 95.1 million
  • Working area: north-east Brandenburg south Western Pomerania
  • Directors: Thomas Frank and Jens Zillmann
  • Business divisions: agricultural trade, energy, building materials, Raiffeisen store and services

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