Healthy calm: Horslyx licking blocks in riding schools

Sarah Riepl owns Georgienhof in Rheintal bei Remagen. The horse expert took over the school in 2012 – she still performs her skills the with her parents. Together they decided to use Horslyx licking blocks Horslyx licking blocks as a feed supplement and distraction.

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Pedro is the reception committee. The grey Shetland pony slowly trots along the entrance to the Georgienhof, looks skeptically and carries on. "Our fouth farem dog," says Michaela Riepl and shakes her head, smiling. Pedro is allowed wherever he wants on the entire site and always makes sure everything is as it should be. Together with her husband Johannes Doll, Michaela Riepl laid the foundation stone for Pedro's home, a small riding paradise in Rheintal bei Remagen. The site has 6.5 hectares, where 30 horses and ponies, as well as the family, live and numerous children regularly run around, leaning to ride, looking after the animals or spending their holidays here.

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Horslyx supports a different feeding plan

Daughter Sarah is now the official owner of Georgienhof. The horse expert took over the school in 2012 – but she still performs her skills the with her parents. So they decided together to use Horslyx licking blocks as a feed supplement and distraction. "We came across the licking blocks in a newspaper article and thought thee would be perfect for us," explains Sarah Doll. In principle, the animals are fed with oats, hay and pelleted mixed feed. But the ponies in particular need another dietary plan because "they really are world champions in saving energy" and tend to put on weight quickly. Consequently, the smaller barn inhabitants only get a little or even no concentrated feed – but still have to be fed properly. "This is where Horslyx comes in," says Jens Lyke, product manager at the AGRAVIS subsidiary Derby Derby.

Energy, minerals, trace elements and vitamins for horses

Derby Horslyx is a tasty, perfectly put together combination of energy, mineral nutrients, trace elements and vitamins, which safeguards the supply of nutrients for both leisure and sport horses. "As a result, ponies do not need concentrated feed, and the proportion of concentrated feed for sport and breeding horses can be reduced," explains Lyke. In addition, the assortment – such as Horslyx Mobility or Horslyx Respiratory – can also help prevent joint problems or infections of the respiratory tract. The Riepl-Doll family now also want to use these benefits. What started once as a love of horses and a hobby has grown over the years into a professional operation. "We are always trying to combine old knowledge and new approaches," says Sarah Doll. When working with horses, with animals in general, there are always different, new situations "that make the work so exciting."

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Balanced and healthy animals

But it is also clear: the animals at Georgienhof have to be fit when the small holiday guests and learner riders arrive. Fit and as balanced as possible. "Horses are animals of habit, they need a fixed rhythm." But 20 children suddenly storming through the barn means stress, explains the manager. So the use of licking blocks is more than just as source of nutrients and energy. Access to Horslyx, which is provided in the stables in special holders or lies directly in the feed troughs, makes the ponies and horses more balanced, calmer and happier. Licking and chewing compensates for the stress and complements their natural behaviour, which requires 16 to 18 hours of eating a day. Apart from the greater composure, Sarah Doll and Michaela Riepl have noticed that the coat is more beautiful and shinier, the hooves are solid and healthy.

Open to sensible innovations

The licking blocks usually last three to give weeks. "Consumption is regulated and reduced by the permanent supply," explains Jens Lyke. As the horses spend several hours a day in the field, the Horslyx is provided exclusively in the stables. The family has not yet regretted deciding to buy the products for their farm. "We are generally always looking for sensible innovations," says Sarah Doll.

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