AGRAVIS subsidiary Fugema has visitors from France

German-French exchange at the feed silo: 20 young farmers visited Fugema Futtermittel- und Getreidehandelsgesellschaft mbH Fugema Futtermittel- und Getreidehandelsgesellschaft mbH in Malchin. The farmers are among the around 12,000 members of the French agricultural cooperative society AGRIAL based in Caen, Normandy, which organised the trip.

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ON their way from Hamburg to Berlin the young famers stopped at Fugema, a subsidiary of AGRAVIS Raiffeisen AG. After a brief introduction to the company by the director Marion Rolf followed by lunch, the farmers were given a tour of the feed plant and large silo.

Different marketing model

"It was interesting to see the differences in agricultural retail," explains Marion Rolf. "Our guests market their grain in a pool system through their agricultural cooperative society and ultimatley receive the average price for the respective marketing season. The local farmers, on the other hand, can structure their individual marketing strategy with us depending on the farm by using forward and spot contracts, and with storage during the year."

A second significant discussion point was the various wheat qualities and their differences between France and Germany. "Here in the north, on average we produce qualities in segment A wheat with 13 percent protein and B wheat with 12 percent protein. Our French guests average 11.3 percent over the years," reports Marion Rolf.

The French were impressed by the structure and the farm sizes, both in arable and dairy farms in the north of the AGRAVIS area. From Malchin, the visitors continued on to Berlin and on the way made another stop at an arable and dairy farm in Alt-Sührkow.

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