Excellent DVG listing values of Desintec Peroxx Liquid

The new high-performance surface disinfectant Desintec Desintec Peroxx Liquid is characterised by its foam properties based on a highly effective peracetic acid formulation for disinfecting animal barns and barn equipment. The surface disinfectant is effective against bacteria (for example salmonella), viruses (for example avian influenza) and fungi.

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The effect has been proven through extensive microbiological tests for animal rearing. Because of the innovative formulation, the DVG listing values (use concentrations) of Desintec Peroxx Liquid against bacteria and viruses are considerably lower than other acid-based products. Consequently, the disinfectant is even more powerful and particularly economical.

Desintec Peroxx Liquid is also effective at low temperatures (10 degrees) and is listed in the resouirces list for ecological farming in Germany (FiBL).

After cleaning the areas to be disinfected, the Peroxx Liquid dinsfectant solution is applied to the dried surfaces using the usual preaceitc acid-suitable equipment. An optimum disinfection result against bacteria, fungi and viruses is achieved with a 0.5 to 0.75-percent solution. The effective time of 30 minutes must not be undercut. Detailed information about its use is included with the product information.

The products from the Desintec hygiene concept Desintec hygiene concept are available from AGRAVIS Raiffeisen AG and the Raiffeisen network partners.

If interested, further information about hygiene is available on the internet at www.desintec.de www.desintec.de or from the Desintec Hotline at Tel. 08 00 6 64 76 69.


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