AGRAVIS is on the right track in business year 2015

In the first four months of the 2015 business year, the AGRAVIS Group was on just about the same level of turnover and earnings as the previous year level of turnover and earnings as the previous year. Furthermore, the total turnover was 2.3 billion euros at the end of April. Dr. Clemens Große Frie, the head of AGRAVIS managing board,explained that the departments differed substantially in terms of development at the general meeting of shareholders 2015 explained that the departments differed substantially in terms of development at the general meeting of shareholders 2015that took place in Hamburg on Tuesday.

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Dr Clemens Große FrieAGRAVIS is on the right track in business year 2015 
Dr Clemens Große Frie

It was especially in February and March that they differed unmistakably from the previous season because the spring business started much earlier than this year because of the mild temperatures. Große Frie described the impression in the AGRAVIS Group by saying that the actual situation in agriculture was better than the peceived one.

At 17 million euros for the period from January to April of 2015, we went through an intermediate stage in result before taxes that was on a level as good as the previous year. This is why Große Frie thinks "we see these benchmark figures as being okay at the end of April". We can expect turnover by the end of the year that will once again exceed 7 billion euros. This is why the boss at AGRAVIS assumes that the gross yield and operating result will be keeping pace with the growth in turnover. Barring any unexpected burdens, Große Frie premises his plans on the belief that the result before taxes will be more than 50 million euros before taxes.

Accelerating our growth again

Dr. Große Frie thinks "we have enough activities on our agenda to boost AGRAVIS' growth and get 2015 to be a good business year". One example he quoted was the future launch of Ceravis AG Ceravis AGthat the German Federal Cartel Office recently gave green light for. The German-Danish Joint Venture DAVA AGRAVIS INTERNATIONAL will be concentrating the agricultural trade business that Getreide AG will be incorporating in the form of the new Ceravis AG.

Dr. Große Frie, the head of the managing board at AGRAVIS, went into detail on business year 2014 before the 900 shareholders and guests once again. Corporate turnover of about 7.4 billion euros meant a repeat of the levels from 2013, which was 200 million euros above planning. This is the reason why Große Frie reminded everyone of the difficult conditions in 2014: "The low price level for raw agricultural materials did not allow any growth in turnover".

Growth, expansion and more market shares

In the final analysis, the only thing that stabilises turnover is growth, businesses in new regions, international expansion and a greater share of the market. AGRAVIS was able to maintain its level of operating result from the previous year with EBIT, although not with the operating result before taxes because just under 42 million euros was a minus in comparison to 2013. It is true that almost all divisions and companies supplied a good operating result. Unfortunately, AGRAVIS suffered massive setbacks in wholesale trade with agricultural products. There were also losses in currency, in particularly the Rubel, not to mention the unpredictable events on the raw material markets.

Record investments

Despite all of this, some important identifiers in 2014 indicated that AGRAVIS is staying on track for growth. Dr. Clemens Große Frie cited a record volume of investments of 92 million euros at the general meeting of shareholders for boosting the strength and speed of our locations, There was also 461 million euros of equity capital that has clearly risen and finally employees numbering 6,112 at the end of 2014.

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