AGRAVIS shareholders are receiving an attractive return

The shareholders of AGRAVIS Raiffeisen AG are receiving a dividend of 1.30 euros a dividend of 1.30 euros for the business year 2014. This was decided by the corporate group's general meeting of shareholders corporate group's general meeting of shareholders in Hamburg. That equals a return of 5.1 percent on the dividendwith reference to the nominal value of the share of 25.60 euros.

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Johannes Schulte-AlthoffAGRAVIS shareholders are receiving an attractive return
Johannes Schulte-Althoff

Johannes Schulte-Althoff is the financial manager. He emphasised before the shareholders that "this dividend outpayment is an attractive return considering the continually very low level of interest for most forms of investment on the capital market. That means 10.1 million euros from the net profit for the year of AGRAVIS Raiffeisen AG are going to their owners.

But that's not all. Beyond the return, ist die increase in value is a crucial criterion for the attractivity and solidity of the AGRAVIS share. After its substantial 40 percent increase in its common market value in the previous year from 37 to 52 euros, the assessment board recommended another increase of 2 euros and the managing board and supervisory board followed its recommendation. That means that with effect from May, 13th 2015, the common market value of the AGRAVIS share is 54 euros.

Finally, the shareholder structure at AGRAVIS continues to be very stable. First of all, the subscribed capital of 198.6 million euros is distributed over just 7.8 million registered not freely transferable shares and Furthermore, 60.3 percent of them are the property of agricultural cooperatives or agricultural cooperative companies. Beyond this, 4.6 percent of agriculture operations have shares in AGRAVIS while 6.7 percent of employees also have shares. Finally, natural persons and legal entities in the proximity of our trade have a total share in the company of 28.4 percent.

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