New partner in the Raiffeisen Bio-Brennstoffe GmbH cooperation network

Raiffeisen Bio-Brennstoffe GmbH Raiffeisen Bio-Brennstoffe GmbH (RBB) has further expanded its cooperation network for the sale of wood pellets. A new, strong partner has been found in Buir-Bliesheimer Agrargenossenschaft eG Buir-Bliesheimer Agrargenossenschaft eG. The location for the cooperation is a pellet store, that the Buir-Bliesheimer Buir-Bliesheimer Agrargenossenschaft set up at its site in Rommerskirchen.

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Customers in the region can be supplied from here with RPellets RPellets quickly and flexibly. "A great facility," says Michael Elpe from Raiffeisen Bio-Brennstoffe GmbH about the new infrastructure at the large Buir-Bliesheimer site. So far, grain, fertiliser and other agricultural requirements are stored here. And recently also wood pellets.

"Each of the two silos has a capacity of 1,750 tonnes," explain Michael Elpe and Michael Koch, Head of Energy at Buir-Bliesheimer Agrargenossenschaft. "In Rommerskirchen we maintain two qualities," reports Michael Elpe: "Our own brand RPellets from softwood and a hardwood product. Both are ENplus A1 certified."

Hardwood pellets burn slower, but the wood pellet boiler can utilise the energy better. "We offer this product as a cheap alternative in Niederrhein, the Ruhrgebiet area, Bergisches Land and in Münsterland," says Michael Elpe. Raiffeisen Bio-Brennstoffe GmbH supplies the Rommerskirchen pellet store and manages the stock. For its part, Buir-Bliesheimer eG invested around Euro 1 million and supplies pellets to its end customers and agricultural cooperative societies in the Cologne-Aachen region and down to the Eifel region.

"The store guarantees supply certainty and generates considerable logistical advantages, which we pass on to our customers," underlineMichael Elpe and Michael Koch. Night loading is also very important for the most efficient logistics possible, adds Michael Koch. It is possible in Rommerskirchen. The medium-term aim is to sell 10,000 to 12,000 tonnes of pellets per year from the store. The local storage structure of Raiffeisen Bio-Brennstoffe GmbH and its network partners is further reinforced with the Rommerskirchen site. At present there are also storage capacities in Bremerhaven, Raesfeld, Bawinkel and Eslohe. "As a result, we guarantee short transport paths and ensure fast and flexible supplies for the customers," says Oliver Korting, Director of Raiffeisen Bio-Brennstoffe GmbH. Together with its partners, RBB ensures blanket-coverage with RPellets deliveries between North Rhine-Westphalia and Schleswig-Holstein.

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