Crystalyx comes directly from the farm

Karl-Heinz Schürmann drives more than 70,000 km per year. All over the entire AGRAVIS area and all regions where Crystalyx Products GmbH Crystalyx Products GmbH – a subsidiary of AGRAVIS Raiffeisen AG – has sales partners. His tours with the Crystalyx-mobile also take him to the countries bordering the south of the country.

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Karl-Heinz Schürmann (left) is on the road throughout Germany with the Crystalyx-mobile. This is how he advises farmers like Matthias Schulte-Althoff directly on the farm.Crystalyx comes directly from the farm
Karl-Heinz Schürmann (left) is on the road throughout Germany with the Crystalyx-mobile. This is how he advises farmers like Matthias Schulte-Althoff directly on the farm.

His vehicle is not only covered in bright stickers, the inside also has a few secrets. "I have almost the entire range of products on board," the 59 year-old explains, and points to the shelves and drawers that safely contain boxes and pails. Apart from the various lickng blocks for all animals species, lickng blocks for all animals species, he has a selection of the Desintec Desintec and Miravit Miravit brands in the "boot".

Don't just look, touch

As a result, he visits farms not just to tell, but to show something directly: "The farmers like to see what they are getting." Because the theory is grey – if people touch something and can directly see the product they are more quickly convinced, is Karl-Heinz Schürmann's experience in the two years he has been on the road in his rolling sales display.

This is also the case for Matthias Schulte-Althoff. Schürmann is visiting the young farmer from Haltern am See for the first time and immediately has the advantage that some products are already known and used. 115 dairy cows and the female offspring are looked after by Schulte-Althoff and his father Georg. For feed production they manage 55 hectares, growing green feed, maize and grain. In addition, the family uses special feed products.

Licking blocks to increase basic feed intake

For example, Crystalyx Standard is used especially in the grazing season. But the farrowing cows, and those that have recently calved, are also given licking blocks. "This should achieve an increase in basic feed intake with simultaneous coverage of the mineral requirements," says Karl-Heinz Schürmann.

"We have had very good experiences with the product," reports Matthias Schulte-Althoff. The animals' coats are shiner and smoother, and milk production by the first-time lactating cows is very good at 10,000 litres a year. The fact that the licking mass contributes to this is clear for the farmer from Halterner. This is why he is very open to new ideas and items from the Crystalyx range. Especially when it involves the health of the animals.

Large crowds in the barn

For example, in very changeable weather conditions the calves are susceptible to coughs. Karl-Heinz Schürmann recommended Mentholyx to him for use in the calves' barn. The yellow pail – a five-kilo container – was quickly came out of the vehicle and Schulte-Althoff can immediately picture it better. Smelling, touching – everything is allowed. In addition, there is advice from Schürmann: "Mentholyx helps to prevent infections in the airways, minimises mutual licking and sucking and strengthens the immune system in the case of heat or cold stress." The licking blocks with essential oils can also be used preventatively.

And so that deed also follow the words, the pail is carried directly to the calves' barn, where is it warmly received. "The animals take what they need," explains the expert. Over-supply is prevented very naturally in this way. Matthias Schulte-Althoff is a little surprised by the crowd caused by the licking block;" For they really seem to need it." The order is quickly placed and Karl-Heinz Schürmann leaves the farm with another order in his pocket. But it is not just a full order book that pleases him: "It is nice when new farms value our products and our advice and are open to new ideas." This is also his motivation to drive kilometre after kilometre with the Crystalyx-mobile.

More information about the Crystalyx-mobile is available from the free hotline, Tel. 0800 . 664-7669 or here here.

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