Valuable tips from AGRAVIS: care for healthy gren areas

The modest winter weather of past weeks along with the pleasant temperatures these days have ushered in the beginning of vegetation. Imke Hansing, AGRAVIS plant cultivation plant cultivation consultant in northern Germany explains what the situation is in the fields at present.

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Ms. Hansing, what is the situation now on the fields?

At first glance, the green areas look good in a lot of places because of the mild winter. However, when we take a second look, we see that a lot of stocks are overgrown with matted and sticky stigma and a high level of couch grass and panicle due to the open weather in autumn.

What should be done now?

It is advisable to do care cutting with stocks that are greatly overgrown. Beyond this, imperfections in stocks should be compensated for with reseeding to keep the damage down as much as possible. In any event, the important thing is selecting the right seed stock seed stock both for reseeding and new seeding. To do this, you should bear in mind the suitability of the location and the output of the sorts used.

What should be kept in mind in term of fertilisation?

Along with organic fertilisation for the green landscapes, it is advisable to add minerals at the right time with nitrogen, potassium, magnesium, sodium and especially sulphur since the sulphur that is there is not available to the plants at the beginning of vegetation.

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