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In past years, the significance of oxidative stress has increased has increased in poultry farming. This is the reason why the animals have to be supplied with antioxidative substances to prevent oxidative reactions which maintains the animal's defence mechanism. Here are some handy hints.

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There is generally oxidative stress in extreme situations such as when they are put into or change their stalls, in periods of heat, with infectious diseases and in the last phase of fattening. Oxidative stress is described as the imbalance between the increase in reactive species of oxyidation and a reduced antioxidative activity. Some of the consequences of this reaction might be a drop in production in the form of losing performance.

Preventing cellular damage

Therefore, the animal should be supplied with antioxidative substances to prevent oxidative reaction and therefore maintain the animal's defence mechanism. Increasing oxidative stress can bring about reactions in the cellular structures thus damaging the cells. In the worst-case scenario, this may cause irreversible damage to the animal's cardio-vascular system. Ascorbic acid (vitamin C) is deemed essential and the body can even synthesise it. Unfortunately, its level of storage capability is very low. There may even be deficiencies in extreme stress situations. This is why the animals have to be supported to ensure that additional antioxidants are administered in the water or elsewhere.

Antioxidant plus energy

It is very important to maintain the antioxidative state of the herd at all times. This is the only way to drive down any emerging loss in production while streamlining the performance of the herd. Along with supplying them with antioxidants, adding a combination of electrolytes and energy can be very useful because this combination can cause intracellular and extracellular deacidification when stress arises. This increased cellular activity can maintain the entire metabolism. Furthermore, it can have a beneficial impact on the cardio-vascular system by promoting muscular activity and organ blood flow. Beyond this, supplying energy to the immunological systems can maintain the animal's defensive reaction.

Miravit fitness strategy

If stress is unavoidable, it is necessary to promote the animals' vitality and health with well thought-out strategies. Additional approaches are called for along with the factors for animals such as the stall climate TheMiravit Miravit-fitness strategy has proven its worth in defined stress situations to cover the animals' added requirements in antioxidants, electrolytes and energy. First of all, this strategy consists of Miravit AscoStabil and then Miravit Hydrolac G.

The first component, Miravit AscoStabil, is a liquid supplementary feed consisting of high-dosage ascorbic acid (vitamin C) and polyphenols. This streamlined combination can bring about an unmistakable reduction in animals' stress reactions with its intensive antioxidative effect. A combination of electrolytes and energy in one effervescent tablet are the ingredients of Miravit Hydrolac G, the second component of its fitness strategy. This strategy can boost the the antioxidative system in extreme stress situations, thus maintaining the functions of the cardio-vascular system, cellular metabolism and immunological system.

The fitness strategy has already proven its worth in the following practical approaches:

Putting pullets into their stalls and moving them:

1-5 litres Miravit AscoStabil plus three tabs of Miravit Hydrolac G in 1,000 litres of water three days before and five days after putting them into their stalls . Compensating more quickly for weight losses and concentrated reduction of stress reactions during the pullets' process of integration can have a beneficial impact.

Taking turkeys out of the stall:

1,5 litres Miravit AscoStabil plus three Tabs Miravit Hydrolac G to 1,000 litres water five to seven days before being taken out of the stall.This optimum combination can support the cardio-vascular system and promote organ blood flow. This reduces mortality in the last week of fattening while having a beneficial impact during transport.

Heat stress (broilers/turkeys/laying hen):

1.5 litres of MiravitAsco Stabil plus five Tabs Miravit Hydrolac G auf 1.000 litres waterWährend Hitzephasen and am darauffolgenden Tag .Während Hitzephasen and am darauffolgenden Tag 1.5 litres MiravitAsco Stabil plus five Tabs Miravit Hydrolac G auf 1.000 litres water. The poultry breathing frequency can be as much as 250 breaths per minute in extreme heat phases. Beyond this, the animals may lose as much as 50 percent of the daily amount of water taken in by beak breathing. Here, it is important to both promote the cardio-vascular system and compensate for electrolytic losses from beak breathing. In stress situations, it is necessary to coordinate all of the parameters in the environment to the animals' well-being. Furthermore, the Miravit Fitness strategy can drive down stress reactions in certain situations.

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