Megastart: Healthy sheep, healthy lambs

In time for the lambing seasing, VitaVis GmbH VitaVis GmbH, a subsidiary of AGRAVIS Raiffeisen AG, offers a new feed concept for sheep-rearing feed concept for sheep-rearing farms. The focus here above all is on the mother sheep. Product manager Gerald Krabbe explains what is behind the new concept and how agriculturists can integrate the products optimally into their operations.

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Megastart perfectly rounds off the Crystalyx feed concept for mother sheep.Megastart: Healthy sheep, healthy lambs
Megastart perfectly rounds off the Crystalyx feed concept for mother sheep.

Alongside Crystalyx Crystalyx you are launching a new brand, a new product, Megastart Megastart. Why?
The reason lies in the different effects and applications. Crystalyx causes an increase in feed digestibility and consumption, which has a positive impact on the energy metabolism. As a result, the fertility performance is increased during flushing feed and the physical condition is improved in early and middle pregnancy. With the new product Megastart, focus is on the content, from which the mother sheep profit at the end of pregnancy.

What is special about Megastart?
The mineral block has been developed specifically for the last weeks before lambing and is characterised by a softer consistent due to a different production process. This ensures a higher consumption of 100 to 150 grams per day. In this simple way, the optimum quantity of all the important nutrients and ingredients are administered.

In this context, the added ingredient "MOS" is noticeable. What makes it so important?
"MOS" is the abbreviation for Mannan-oligo-sacharrides. These are very precisely defined yeast cell wall components. They belong to the prebiotics, they support the balance of the intestinal bacteria and influence the stability of the digestive tract. Along other things, MOS prevent the collection and growth of pathogens in the intestinal mucosa. Tests prove that the use of Megastart leads to an increase in immunglobulins in the colostrum of up to 25 percent. This means that the lambs are healthier and more resistant. Use for at least six weeks is recommended.

Healthier and more robus lambs?
Yes, absolutely. The increase in immunglobulin content I already mentioned is passed on to the lambs in the milk and strengthens their defence system from the very start. In addition, the block is rich in vitamin E and vitamin B1, which promotes the vitality of the young animals.

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