Success story: Crystalyx has been on the market for 10 years

Reinhard Pröbsting and Ian Dalton are two guys who see eye to eye. The mood is relaxed while the managing directors at Crystalyx Products GmbH at Crystalyx Products GmbH sit together like a couple of old pals. The way they get along with one another on a person-to-person basis is why their talents mesh so well - and it all started just ten years ago.

Ian Dalton recalls "it actually all started with a random conversation at the 1996 EuroTier show." Dr. Michael Baum, the department manager for cattle feed product management at AGRAVIS Raiffeisen AG, was his first contact. A pleasant conversation at a trade fair on using mineral licks in animal nutrition quickly transformed itself into an extensive forum for ideas and views: "We bonded immediately" and converted this link into a commitment between AGRAVIS in Germany and Caltech Crystalyx located in England on paper. Then, we got the go-ahead for Crystalyx Products GmbH headquartered in Münster, Germany in 2004.

Since then, Reinhard Pröbsting has been Ian Dalton's main contact. Dalton goes on record as saying that "he saw a lot of potential in our products from the beginning." Even if the business in the dairy cattle market and coming up with products specifically for this target group was uncharted territory for them at the beginning, he never doubted they would be successful together. Reinhard Pröbsting was also very serious about their new working relationship and went about the job of "knocking on doors" as he says these days. There's hardly any trade fair or exhibition that he hasn't shown everybody the big and small brightly-coloured plastic buckets with the unique feed strategy. But persistence pays off, as demonstrated by the fact that they not only met the targets they cautiously set themselves, but also surpassed them by a wide margin. That's why they launched their own production plant at the AGRAVIS location in Oldenburg, Germany. Since then, what was originally an import business has become a joint venture in a partnership of equals.

For Pröbsting and Dalton, it's obvious why Crystalyx' range of products are successful: "We can serve any type of farm animal management and all size and shape companies as well." If their products are used right, farmers generally see how beneficial the effects and changes are right away. Crystalyx manufactures mineral licks for cattle cattle, pigs pigs, sheep sheep and horses horses with its own patented process. This also includes special pick blocks for poultry poultry and feed blocks for feeding wild animals.

The steps that Crystalyx Products GmbH has been taking on the German and overall European market including neighbouring countries have become bigger and bigger from one year to the next. As Reinhard Pröbsting says, "that's why we're putting our bets on growth and expansion and we're on the fast track to success." Even if today's framework conditions are not always easy – for instance due to the abolishment of the milk quota – Ian Dalton is of the opinion that "we think our products ought to be used by enterprises" because they help farmers to streamline all of the phases of milk production, they promote animal health and salt-licking provides for lasting activity.

At a glance: This what's behind Crystalyx

  • orginally developed in America more than 25 years ago 
  • Caltech with its headquarters in England buys the rights at the beginning of the 1990's.
  • production in 1993: 1,900 tonnes
  • production in 2013: 35,000 tonnes
  • supplementary feed based upon dehydrated molasses and vegetable fat
  • A combination of energy, mineral elements, trace elements and vitamins
  • This is the ideal way to compensate for fluctuations in the quality of basic diet and any shortage in nutrition.

More information about Crystalyx is available here here, on the company's Facebook page and from the free hotline, Tel. 0800 . 6647669.

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