Filling up with the new Raiffeisen-Card all over Germany

 Now, drivers can fill their tanks cashlessly at 400  petrol stations petrol stations all over Germany with the new Raiffeisen-Card Raiffeisen-Card as well as paying for car washes or articles in the shop. A major portion of this association is supported by cooperative petrol station operators. 40 primary cooperative associations and AGRAVIS Raiffeisen AG have contributed 140 petrol stations to this association to date that is operated by the petrol station network in Germany (Tankstellen-Netz-Deutschland) that is operated by the petrol station network in Germany (Tankstellen-Netz-Deutschland).

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Plans call for this petrol station association to expand in the near future. Carsten Kippschnieder is the manager of the petrol station business line at AGRAVIS Raiffeisen AG. He goes on record as saying "due to the agreement made with Tankstellen-Netz-Deutschland to accept each other's cards, the new Raiffeisen petrol station association achieved attractive dimensions with petrol stations all over Germany right after launch. The enormous preliminary technical work that had to be done for launch was completed in 2014. That paved the way for focusing our efforts on one cooperative card in the cooperative association petrol station business line. This was proposed by three Dutch cooperative associations together with AGRAVIS Raiffeisen AG.

The cooperative association business partners can reap substantial benefits from cooperative relationships with the Tankstellen-Netz-Deutschland. It also provides technical services for this association. Holger Laue is the chairperson of the shareholders' committee in the Interessengemeinschaft Raiffeisen-Card GbR. He sees that "the petrol stations of Tankstellen-Netz-Deutschland are often in the area of motorways or business parks, meaning that they focus on the heavy load traffic. This is where we see an outstanding potential for the Raiffeisen-Card in regional commercial companies frequently doing business on the non-local basis." The IG R-Card represents the interests of the cooperative associations collaborating in this association.

Some other benefits from this system are a 24/7 hotline available to participants with technical problems and the high level of safety standards when processing cards, not to mention comprehensive data protection. This is the reason why Laue can give the assurance that "neither Tankstellen-Netz-Deutschland nor any other participants can see the data of our customers. In other words, there is no transmission of confidential information."

Beyond this, Raiffeisen has recently begun offering a free petrol tank app (called Raiffeisen-Tankfinder) to make sure that our customers don't have to spend a lot of time looking for a petrol station. It provides information on the location and range of products and services at each petrol station. It even navigates the driver to the next petrol station in the association if desired. All of the petrol stations participating in this Association are designated with an R or the Tankstellen-Netz-Deutschland logo.

You can get the new Raiffeisen-Card at any of the local cooperative associations. Laue says that "we live and breathe customer service and you can also see that from the way we issue our card." They are planning on having the new Raiffeisen-Card accepted as a means of payment at the Raiffeisen markets to make them that much more attractive.

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