Agrartechnik-Service-Award: The winner is Raiffeisen Technik Nord-West

Great excitement for Raiffeisen Technik Nord-West GmbH Raiffeisen Technik Nord-West GmbH, an associated company of AGRAVIS Raiffeisen AG: the location in Aurich won the regional award North (Schleswig-Holstein, Lower Saxony) in the Agrartechnik-Service-Award.

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The prize was presented on Friday, 9 January, at a gala evening held as part of the Landtechnische Unternehmertage (LTU) in the Würzburg Congress Centrum. "We are very pleased," Johann Peters, director of Raiffeisen Technik Nord-West GmbH, briefly describes the excitement surrounding the award on Friday evening. The branch award is very important for agricultural technology agricultural technology retailers, as it is awarded by an independent and objective jury and rewards the constant efforts to provide optimal for all customers.

Excellent service in agricultural technology is becoming an ever more decisive factor in the competition, stressed Peters. The engineering locations of Raiffeisen Technik Nord-West GmbH were are increasing the focus as an interface between industry and end customers.

In the race for the Agrartechnik-Service-Award, the branch offices present their respective service concept. A comprehensive checklist with around 450 questions has to be completed by all sectors of the company. "The questions are often just one sentence, but the answers need one to two pages," reports Lisa Theesfeld, who was the lead for collating the Raiffeisen Technik Nord-West GmbH application.

"The award strengthens our commitment to continue investing to a high event in training and development for our employees, in the modernity and sophistication of our locations, and in our extensive range of services for a variety of customer demands," said Tjado Wiegmann, office manager at Raiffeisen Technik Nord-West GmbH during the presentation.

The Agrartechnik-Service-Award was established in 2001 by the trade magazine "Agrartechnik" (published by Deutscher Landwirtschaftsverlag) and is awarded annually. The Service-Award is an important industry prize, which motivates agricultural machinery companies across the country to constantly reassess and improve their services with the focus on customers. The competition identifies the best performing agricultural technology company and is the only manufacturer-independent market test in Europe.

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