AGRAVIS cooperation: Partners in nutrient use

AGRAVIS Raiffeisen AG and ODAS GmbH & Co. KG are expanding their cooperation. The joint venture ODAS GmbH started operations on 1 January 2015, in order to offer a solution for using surplus agricultural fertilizers, above all to agriculturists in Westphalia.

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"We have discussed everything. The contracts have been signed." is how Ludger Leifker, authorized representative for the feed business feed business at AGRAVIS Raiffeisen AG, and Steffen Schirmacher-Rohleder, together with Torsten Smit director at ODAS GmbH & Co. KG, report the successful completion of the negotiations. 75 percent of the joint venture is held by ODAS, and one quarter by AGRAVIS.

AGRAVIS Raiffeisen AG took over the Biogas plant Biogas plant Dorsten in early 2014, with ODAS still holding a 16-percent stake. Since the plant was purchased, ODAS has been jointly responsible with the AGRAVIS managers there for the material flow management and the operative management. The executive management is the responsibility of AGRAVIS. The final planned stage is with a substrate mix of approx. 80 percent organic agricultural fertilizer in the form of liquid manure or dung, as well as a correspondingly small proportion of energy crops. An output of around 3.5 Megawatts is being aimed for. The refitting for the nutrient is is on schedule. At present, the plant is operating at approximately 80 percent.

With a catchment area of around 75 kilometres, the Dorsten plant is a regional component in the overall strategy of both partners to offer solutions for nutrient problems. "Later we want to transfer the concept practised in Dorsten to other processing regions as well," is how Leifker explains the pilot function. The fermentation remains produced are transported to the receiving arable areas where AGRAVIS has good networks through existing customer connections as a result of its own agricultural centres, the regional Raiffeisen agricultural cooperative societies and also ODAS.

"Our offer includes far more than transporting liquid fertilizer from A to B," stress the initiators. Instead, tailored and cost-effective solutions have been developed for each individual company through individual nutrient advice. The overall concept also include the documentation – an aspect that the Chambers for Agriculture particularly value. Additionally, the nutrient problem will intensify further as a result of the new version of the Fertilizer Ordinance, according to Leifker.

"ODAS has a great deal of experience and high levels of competence in processing agricultural fertilizers," is how the AGRAVIS authorized representative explains the selection of the partner. "We already move around 300,000 tonnes of agricultural fertilizers a year and have our own transport fleet," explains Torsten Smit. At AGRAVIS, meanwhile, the Feedstuff Feedstuff, Crop cultivation Crop cultivation and TerraVis TerraVis departments have been dealing with liquid fertilizer use for many years, so that the entire process chain can be served.

Interested agriculturists can contact ODAS GmbH directly, but contact can also be made through the feedstuff consultant from AGRAVIS or through the agricultural cooperative societies. The joint venture has around 50 employees. The executive management is the responsibility of the majority shareholder ODAS.

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