Intern Formulates Concept for Process Optimization in the Workshop

Jens Kafurke is studying industrial engineering for the agricultural and horticultural businesses at Osnabrück University of Applied Sciences. In a voluntaryinternship internshipin his fifth semester, the 25-year-old wanted to get a taste of agricultural technology sales and service at the Melle branch of AGRAVIS Technik Saltenbrock GmbH AGRAVIS Technik Saltenbrock GmbH. On his first day as an intern in the spring of 2014, he had as yet no inkling that much more would become of it.

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Jens KarfukeIntern Formulates Concept for Process Optimization in the Workshop
Jens Karfuke

The result was a complete concept for process optimization in the workshop, which was also presented to workshop managers, managing directors of the company and the workshop manager committee of the AGRAVIS Group.

When Philipp Jürgens, of AGRAVIS Technik Saltenbrock GmbH, approached Jens Kafurke with the task of analyzing the processes in the Melle workshop and formulating optimization possibilities, the task did not mean much to him yet. After all, the native of Troisdorf had never worked in an agricultural technology workshop before and had previously had no affinity with process optimization. "In retrospect, it was the best prerequisite for approaching the issue impartially and without 'business myopia'", is Jens Kafurke's take on the experience.

Without business myopia

The focus here was on making foremen's and fitters' work easier by allocating administrative tasks differently and introducing standard processes, Philipp Jürgens explains. "Particularly during harvest times, the workload in the workshop is enormous. By means of the process optimization, we intend to take targeted countermeasures." He added that only minor tweaking was carried out, but the tweaking was extremely efficient.

Jens Kafurke hat in seinem Konzept für zeitaufwendige Baustellen in der workshop sinnvolle Lösungen formuliert. „Aber natürlich nicht allein“, betont der Student. „Geschäftsführung and employees der AGRAVIS Technik Saltenbrock, insbesondere workshopleiter and Monteure, sind offen mit dem Thema umgegangen, haben die aus ihrer Sicht kritischen Punkte dargelegt and Veränderungsvorschläge positiv mitgestaltet.“ Deshalb habe die Aufgabe sehr viel Spaß gemacht.

Next step: customer satisfaction analysis

Not just because his concept met with such positive feedback, but also because he found a topic for his bachelor's thesis: a customer satisfaction analysis. "The outcome of the survey will round off the concept nicely, as this focuses not only on internal processes, but also on taking the service concept further forward. Without this concept, the workshop does not function", Jens Kafurke emphasizes.

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