Sponsor Campaign: 140 Dairy Cows Play Host to SV Meppen Players

It is more than a year since regional agricultural enterprises joined forces in aid of the main sponsor initiative for SV Meppen, the regional league football club. AGRAVIS Raiffeisen AG has been involved from the outset, actively supporting the initiative.

The players' jerseys now boast the slogan, adorned with cow, hen and pig, "Real Emsland - we are ploughing for SV Meppen". To find out what was behind the printed animals, the players visited Family Mehring's dairy farm in Meppen-Helte.

Instead of making their way onto the football field, the regional league players went to the dairy cow-shed belonging to Christa and Matthias Meyring. Two fully automatic milking robots milk the 140 cows there several times a day. The animals are free to choose when they are milked. Cow comfort in the shed is also important to the Meyring family: The open side walls make it bright and airy. There are also soft beds and scratch brushes. The players were impressed by the modern cow-shed: "I didn't realize that so much technology is used nowadays", said Martin Wagner. The 28-year-old midfielder likes the very special logo on his chest: "Agriculture just fits Emsland. I am sure that many spectators can identify with that."

Hermann Wester thinks so, too. The President of the Association of Emsland Country Folk, as one of the main sponsors, emphasized the importance of agriculture for the region: "Agriculture, as the heart of Emsland, is very important. Many jobs depend on it". Markus Lohle, managing director at SV Meppen, was very satisfied with the results of the main sponsor initiative. After good footballing performances last year, he is hoping for another successful season. He also referred to joint activities in the stadium such as the attractive Real Emsland goal wall shooting for spectators during the half-time interval.

Apart from the Association of Country Folk, the main sponsor initiative also includes the Rothkötter Group, the Krone Group, as well as AGRAVIS Raiffeisen AG and other agricultural enterprises from the upstream and downstream area. After last year's programme for the Meppen players had included a visit to the Emsland Frischgeflügel chicken slaughterhouse, they were able to inspect not only dairy cows, but also state-of-the-art technology from Krone and AGRAVIS at Meyring's farm. The Meyrings had machinery used on the farm for harvesting grass and transporting liquid manure on display.

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