Genuine Emsland half-time competition: Ride-on lawn mower awaits the winner – Enter now!

A large number of trick shooters have tried so far, but none of the entrants in the Genuine Emsland Half-Time Competition at SV Meppen has yet managed to take home the Mini Rider Cub Cadet MiniRider CC 114 TA lawn mower sponsored by AGRAVIS Raiffeisen AG and AGRAVIS Technik BvL, Meppen, despite impossible narrow results.

Throughout the season, the Genuine Emsland Half-time Competition has been presented in the Hänsch-Arena for the last eight home matches. Three of six possible goals have to be scored as part of shooting at the goal wall in order to win the ride-on mower. And so far some very ambitious and experienced shooters at the eight matches have tried, but none has achieved more than goals [sic].

Even if the "lawn mower season" is slowly coming to an end, the Mini Rider Cub Cadet MiniRider CC 114 TA remains the object of desire. Interested SV Meppen fans apply to take part in more half-tie campaigns. Simply send an email to and you could be invited by lottery to a corresponding match, includiong match ticket, and take the chance to win this attractive prize.

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