Nationwide network for the sale of AdBlue

It is a growth market. And the medium-sized oil traders are now developing it in a nationwide network. 15 companies are participating in this collaboration with the name "Blue-Service". They are securing the supply of AdBlue between Flensburg and Passau.

AdBlue AdBlue – a brand name from the German Association of the Automotive Industry – is an additional fuel for diesel motors and serves to clean the exhaust emissions. The liquid from urea and demineralised water in an SCR-catalytic converter (selective catalytic reduction) converts the polluting nitrous oxide almost entirely into water vapour and atmospheric nitrogen. Positive side effect: According to calculations, fuel consumption is reduced by up to 5 percent and the particulate emissions are considerably reduced. As a result, emissions limits, which do not even apply yet, are already met. AdBlue is currently mainly used in commercial vehicles.

"Nationwide deliveries of AdBlue was the goal of this network from the very start," says Oliver Korting from AGRAVIS Raiffeisen AG. The agricultural retail and services company is active in, among other things, the energy industry energy industry and as such is part of this network. "The group of participants comprises well-known, regionally established retail companies from the oil industry, which supply the traditional customers such as petrol stations and hauliers with fuels and lubricants already," explains Korting. Initially, the AdBlue deliveries were handled through chemicals retailers and many customers stated their desire to be supplied with AdBlue by oil retailers as well, so that they could order everything from a single supplier. "From the desire for nationwide deliveries can the need to find a new solution," reports Korting.

AGRAVIS supports the organisation in purchasing both from national and international wholesalers. The partners use twelve special vehicles for the sale of loose goods and also engage hauliers. The network also provides the technical equipment such as pumps, tanks and nozzles, so that hauliers, farmers and contractors can easily use AdBlue. The petrol station service from AGRAVIS Raiffeisen AG is helping with the set up of the infrastructure at petrol stations.

"It was important to us that we have a high-volume fuel business as the basis for this organisation," explains Oliver Korting. Customer contacts were also automatically generated through this in respect of AdBlue. For the members of this network, the cooperation in respect of AdBlue sales resulted in additional synergies such as costs optimisation.

The prospects for increasing sales potential are good. According to forecasts, the demand for AdBlue is set to rise in Europe by around 5 percent a year up to 2025. The German Association of the Automotive Industry expects more than 8 million SCR vehicles by 2020 in Germany – with an increasing proportion in the area of cars. 79 German car models on the market are currently fitted with this technology.

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