RBB strengthens infrastructure in northern Germany

Raiffeisen Bio-Brennstoffe GmbH (RBB) Raiffeisen Bio-Brennstoffe GmbH (RBB), based in Münster, is expanding its infrastructure in northern Germany for the sale of wood pellets. The associated company of AGRAVIS Raiffeisen AG is now using a transhipment warehouse for pallets in Handewitt.

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"Customers in Schleswig-Holstein and Hamburg are served from there," reports Knud Kielmann. He manages the northern German market for Raiffeisen Bio-Brennstoffe GmbH. His office has been located in Kiel for two years.

Apart from the traditional deliveries of loose pellets by Silo truck, sacked goods in proven quality are now also offered. The pellets are produced by Dansk Træmballage (DTE) in Ribe, which supplies both its own Danish market, as well as the northern German market, with certifies wood pellets according to ENplus A 1-Quality. Raiffeisen Bio-Brennstoffe GmbH and its agricultural cooperative society partners sell the pellets under the brand "RPellets".

Thanks to the strong logistics partner, DTE, the warehouse in Handewitt can respond flexibly to customer requests. If the customer takes at least one pallet, i.e. 60 sacks at 15 kg each, the goods are delivered. Self-collectors, however, are also welcome: Monday to Friday from 6.30am to 4.30pm and Saturdays from 7 to 11am. Orders are placed through the RBB office in Kiel.

Knud Kielmann is happy to provide further information, by telephone: 0431/24700-110, fax: 0431/24700-120; E-mail: knud.kielmann@raiffeisen-bio-brennstoffe.de.

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