AGRAVIS is a popular training company

The number of vacant apprenticeships is increasing across Germany. Many companies – especially in manual skills – are having problems recruiting sufficient numbers of suitable apprentices. The work required to find young people for an apprenticeship apprenticeship has also increased for AGRAVIS Raiffeisen AG over the last few years. "Previously, we attended two apprenticeship fairs. Now it is four to five times that," is one example cited by Uta Löffler, Head of HR, of the commitment in HR marketing.

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The 15 new apprentices in the Münster and Hanover head offices got to know each other in June on a bicycle tour.AGRAVIS is a popular training company
The 15 new apprentices in the Münster and Hanover head offices got to know each other in June on a bicycle tour.

But the efforts are worth it. Because the agricultural trading and services company's has filled all its training places for the education year now starting. Across the Group, more than 150 trainees are starting their careers. There are 15 in the two head offices in Münster and Hanover. "We received 921 applications for these 15 places", Uta Löffler reports. This is still a handsome number, even though the trend also shows a slight decline here. "We need a large number of applications in order to be able to fill the training places with suitable young people", the Head of Human Resources explains.

Uta Löffler also expects an almost constant but slightly reduced number of applications for the two Group head offices in the coming years – despite the demographic change, which means that the proportion of young people in the total population is getting ever smaller. She is unable to provide useful forecasts for the many rural, independently acting locations of the Group, such as the agricultural technology companies. "Presumably, the number of applicants there will fall considerably in the coming years although junior employees are urgently required."

This is why commitment and actively addressing young people are important: The training experts at AGRAVIS are active on social media, and elsewhere, they advertise with flyers and brochures, provide information about career opportunities at AGRAVIS on various websites. In addition, they visit trade fairs and events – as mentioned above – in order to contact potential applicants directly. The personal exchange is very important from the start, explains Uta Löffler. As a result, the company works very closely with schools and universities in order to raise awareness of the Group as an employer brand early. "Our training website training website is very well received, reports Uta Löffler. On this portal, young people can find all the information at a glance – in a look and language prepared for the target group.

Among young people, who want to start their working lives at AGRAVIS, the apprenticeships in wholesale and export, office management and dual study courses are in demand. However, if you want something a little more unusual and see your professional future instead as a process engineer in milling and feedstuffs or as an IT clerk, AGRAVIS is the place to be. The company is intensifying its apprenticeship marketing measures in a continuous process very selectively in order to get enough applications for the apprenticeships available in the future as well. Overall, 16 apprenticeship professions are offered by AGRAVIS Raiffeisen AG.

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