A pony for a good cause

For Christmas 2013, Crystalyx Products GmbH decided not to give its customers Christmas presents. INstead, it made a donation to the v. Bodelschwinghsche Stiftungen Bethel. As part of the donation, a pony was bought for animal-supported work with children and young people.

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Last week they finally got to meet it. The people responsible at Crystalyx Products GmbH Crystalyx Products GmbH got a personal impressin of "Curly Sue". Curly Sue is an "Irish TInker". The pony is a suitable sise and stature both for children and also larger youths. The lush long hair on the mare invites the children to make a plait, to comb and look after the hair.

The mare is a calm and reliable animal. It is 1.36 metres tall, which allows the carers to work well with it and allows the children to be able to hold on tightly,m if necessary, when riding. The children are also able to guide and handle it alone thanks to its small sise. Because Irish Tinkers are very compact, it is possible for a small and a large child to ride together on Curly Sue. This encourages solidarity among the children and youngsters.

Riding, as well as the caring for and looking after a pony teaches all the human senses, especially those of traumatised children. For example, when handling the pony they learn how to assert themselves, which has to be the case, for example when guiding the pony. The pony has to go where the child wants it to, and not the other way around. On the other hand, children can feel the pony's coat, stroke and smell it and enjoy the warmth it radiates. Looking after a pony requires a feeling of responsibility and perseverance. Riding on the back promotes body awareness, balance and much more.

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