Raiffeisen Group start electricity sales

Raiffeisen Energie GmbH & Co. KG Raiffeisen Energie GmbH & Co. KGis expanding its product portfolio. In addition to gas gas private and commercial customers can now also purchase electricity electricity from this association of 49 shareholders from the Raiffeisen Group.

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"Because of the positive experiences gained in gas sales, we are convinced that we will also be successful with this offer," explains Torsten Fischer, Director of Raiffeisen Energie GmbH & Co. KG Raiffeisen Energie GmbH & Co. KG.

"We want to attract existing and new Raiffeisen customers with our sale of electricity. It completes the already established energy business energy businessof the Raiffeisen Group. At the same time, we are thereby completing our offer to energy carriers," according to Fischer. The product is marketed under the name "RStrom". This further increases the recognition value of the "Raiffeisen" brand. Because as well as gas, the wood pellets wood pellets are also part of the "R" family. And with the "RCard" customers can pay in a petrol station network petrol station network, which will be expanded considerably in autumn.

Raiffeisen Energie GmbH & Co. KG and its network partners do not want to compete against the big players in the electricity market, but instead are relying on their closeness to customers and their local presence. "We know our customers and they know us," stresses Torsten Fischer. He is convinced that the trust built up over many years' cooperation will pay off in this new business field. The customers profit from the lean structures that are already tried and tested in the gas sales. "Our sales network allows us to be able to offer electricity on the basis of a serious calculation at an attractive price."

Simple, clear tariffs with price guarantees for the respective term of the contract – typically one or two years – no prepayments and no hidden costs: the Raiffeisen Group is addressing potential electricity customers with transparent offers. And the customer does not have to worry about switching from the current supplier. "We do that free of charge," reports Fischer. Nodoby needs to worry that there will suddenly not be any "juice" in the socket. "The electricity supply is secure at all times," guarantees Fischer. Raiffeisen Energie GmbH & Co. KG purchases the electricity on the wholesale market.

Potential customers can contact their local agricultural cooperative societies. Here Here is a direct order possibility. In addition, a free hotline has been set up: 0800 589 36 90.

Interview with Torsten Fischer, Director of Raiffeisen Energie GmbH & Co. KG: "We also do electricity"

Three years after starting selling gas, you are now entering the electricity business. Why?
Torsten Fischer:
We can also do electricity. We are convinced of this after discovering that our gas offer was warmly received in a relatively short time. The number of customers is constantly growing. The aims we set ourselves in the business plan were achieved one year earlier than envisaged. This has encouraged us to enter the electricity market as well. Energy from Raiffeisen and from a single supplier – we firmly believe that with this we will be able to succeed with our existing customers and with other potential customers.

But the competition is big. Where do you get your confidence from?
Torsten Fischer:
Through the local agricultural cooperative societies which work together in Raiffeisen Energie GmbH & Co. KG we have a very close relationship to our customers. We know them and they know us. A trust relationship exists here, which has grown over the years, that will have a large postive impact in the sale of electricity as well. The customers know that their known contact partner at Raiffeisen will still be there for them tomorrow. That is one reason.
The second reason: We have very lean sales structures for gas, which we can use for electricity. This gives us cost benefits, from which our customers profit. We are able to offer the product at an attractive price. In addition, we do not have a tariff jungle. We have a clear, easily understood price structure without hidden costs and prepayments.

Municipal utility companies as the traditional local suppliers are presumably not pleased by your action.
Torsten Fischer:
We know that many local agricultural cooperative societies maintain a good relationship in their business areas with the respective municipal utility companies. But competition is not a surprise for the municipal utility companies and instead has existed for some time with the liberalisation of the energy market. To this extent, we are certain that municipal utility companies will know how to cope with this new situation. And we are not so foolhardy that we think we as the Raiffeisen Group will be able to question the role of the basic supplier from one day to the next. We see ourselves as a niche supplier, who is trying, however, to cut itself a piece of the cake.

Customers may possibly hold back from changing supplier because they fear lengthly correspondence in connection with the cancellation and new order. Do you provide support?
Torsten Fischer:
Yes, of course. We realise that there are consumers, who prefer to have nothing to do with paperwork. This is why we offer to dela with everything necessary. This service is free of charge. And nobody has to be afraid of suddenly not having any electricity at any time during the transfer from the previous supplier to us. This will not be the case, guaranteed.

Shareholders of Raiffeisen Energie GmbH & Co. KG

  • Raiffeisen Warengenossenschaft Kirchwistedt eG
  • Raiffeisen Lippe-Weser AG
  • Raiffeisen-Landbund eG
  • Raiffeisen Warengenossenschaft Osthannover eG
  • Heidesand Raiffeisen Warengenossenschaft
  • Stader Saatzucht eG
  • Saatbau Clenze eG
  • Raiffeisen Warengenossenschaft Leese Agil eG
  • Spar- und Darlehnskasse Börde
  • Raiffeisen-Volksbank Neustadt eG
  • Raiffeisen Warenhandel GmbH
  • Raiffeisen Warengenossenschaft Bassum-Harpstedt eG
  • Raiffeisen Ammerland-Saterland GmbH
  • Raiffeisen Bezugs- und Absatzgenossenschaft Badbergen-Dinklage eG
  • Raiffeisen Warengenossenschaft Gross Lessen-Diepholz eG
  • Raiffeisen Warengenossenschaft Gnarrenburg eG
  • Raiffeisen Warengenossenschaft Niedersachsen Mitte eG
  • Bäuerliche Bezugs- und Absatzgenossenschaft Vechta-Langförden eG
  • Raiffeisen Warengenossenschaft Markhausen eG
  • Saatbau Stoetze eG
  • Raiffeisen Warengenossenschaft Wardenburg eG
  • Raiffeisen Warengenossenschaft Ammerland-Ostfriesland eG
  • Raiffeisen Weser-Elbe eG
  • Raiffeisen Centralheide eG
  • Raiffeisenbank Emsland-Mitte eG
  • Raiffeisen Agrar Ankum
  • Raiffeisen Warengenossenschaft Haren-Rütenbrock eG
  • raiwa eG
  • AGRAVIS Ems-Jade GmbH
  • AGRAVIS Niedersachsen Süd GmbH
  • Raiffeisen Lübbecker Land
  • AGRAVIS Energie Holding GmbH
  • Raiffeisen Handelsgesellschaft Bad Zwischenahn
  • Vereinigte Saatzuchten Ebstorf-Rosche eG
  • Agri V Raiffeisen eG
  • Raiffeisen Erzeugergenossenschaft Bergisch Land und Mark eG
  • Raiffeisen Warengenossenschaft Haltern eG
  • LBAG Schmalenbrücke eG
  • Raiffeisen Westfalen Mitte eG
  • Raiffeisen Steinfurter Land eG
  • Raiffeisen Westfalen Nord eG
  • Raiffeisen Ascheberg eG
  • Raiffeisen Hamaland eG
  • Raiffeisen Warengenossenschaft Beelen-Ennigerloh eG
  • Raiffeisen Westmarkt Warengenossenschaften eG
  • Raiffeisen Coesfeld-Ahaus eG
  • EMS PLUS Energie eG
  • Raiffeisen Lüdinghausen eG
  • Raiffeisen Bever Ems eG

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