AGRAVIS Ems-Jade GmbH active at a new location

Punctually in time for the harvest, AGRAVIS Ems-Jade GmbH opened a new site in Samtgemeinde Hage. The entire complex at "Krumme Sieben 1" includes a grain market and storage capacities for fertiliser and an office building.

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The construction work on the plot of land encompassing 20,000 square metres took around twelve months. The opening is part of a long-term strategy by AGRAVIS Ems-Jade GmbH. "The aim is to invest in the future and in our strengths, as we have done with the new building," explains Gerhard Schröder, Director of AGRAVIS Ems-Jade GmbH based in Esens. He adds that, even now - after collecting the first batches of wheat and rapeseed -, the location has already proved itself to be particularly effective. "The supplying farmers leave the yard again after a few minutes", Hilko Kroon, manager of the Hage branch, observes during the current grain collection. And such speed is a plus factor which farmers are already appreciating, says Kroon, who, together with five employees on site, ensures that everything proceeds smoothly.

The heart of the entire new building is the grain hall. The corn is delivered here by the farmers, dried, stored and later loaded to the purchasers. In the four boxes with a bulk height of ten metres there is space for a total of 10,000 tonnes of grain. The new fertiliser hall has nine boxes for a total of 3,000 tonnes of supplies. There are also two other tanks for liquid fertiliser with a capacity of 100,000 litres each. The entire complex also includes an office building for administration.

The new diesel garage on the site has also been very well received. Not only by farmers, but also many car drives are coming to refuel day and night and can use their EC card or Raiffeisen-Card to pay.

An existing location in nearby Norden was closed with the opening of the new site. After the current harvest, the Dornum will also be closed. "Neither site has grown with the strong frequency of customers and are now simply too small," explains Kroon. The existing buildings are to be demolished. The employees from Norden and Dornum continue to be employed at the new site in Hage.

AGRAVIS Ems-Jade GmbH is represented Ostfriesland with sites in Esens (head office), Hage, Oldorf, Gross Charlottengroden, Pewsum, Ochtelbur, Ogenbargen, Leerhafe, Marx, Grossfehn, Heidmühle, Dornum and Berumbur.

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