New linden trees for Münster's Promenade: Industry shows its colours

"New linden trees for the Promenade": Under this motto, 20 industrial companies from Münster are getting involved, including AGRAVIS Raiffeisen AG, in order to repair the serious damage suffered by nature during the storms in the cathedral town over Whitsun.

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The storm also raged in the heart of Münster;s green area, the Promenade, and destroyed numerous trees. "Together with the town we will close up these gaps in the trees as quickly as possible," announced Dr. Clemens Grosse Frie, Chairman of AGRAVIS Raiffeisen AG, on Wednesday.

AGRAVIS is working with the participating companies in the acceptance campaign In|du|strie acceptance campaign In|du|strie. The aim of this joint project, initiated and managed by the Chamber of Trade and Industry (IHK) is to strengthen awareness in the public for the importance of industry as a motor of progress and employment. "With around 13,200 employees, Münster is by far the largest industrial location in Münsterland," stresses Dr. Clemens Grosse Frie. This is barely anchored in the public awareness and Münster is mostly perceived as a student and office town.

"By becoming patron for a total of 25 trees on the Promenade, the participating companies are giving a strong sign and are impressively documenting their social responsibility," underlines Wolfgang Fritsch-Albert, Chairman of Westfalen AG. "I find this campaign to be a clear acknowledgement by the companies of Münster as an economic location."

This project is being realised in close cooperation with Münster. it is also another contribution by the economy to the campaign "Münster shows its colours", with which the town is mobilising a variety of commitments from different social groups for sustainable greening of the town. Lord Mayor Markus Lewe is grateful to the companies for this social initiative: "It is a great help towards repairing the damage from the storm and gives noticeable added value to the town and to the town's community." He wants to personally attend the actual planting, which will take place in the winter.

Powerful winter linden trees will be used, which at the time of planting will be eight to ten years old, according to information from Heinrich Bruns, head of the town's office for green areas and environmental protection.

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