Biogas plants need trace elements

Trace elements are essentially important for the biological process in every biogas plant biogas plant. They are not always delivered in sufficient quantities with the substrate. If important trace elements are missing, the formation of methane stops, intermediate products (acids) build up and the performance of the biogas plant declines. As a result, its supply level should be checked regularly.

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The supply level should be checked regularly to keep biogas plant output from dropping.Biogas plants need trace elements
The supply level should be checked regularly to keep biogas plant output from dropping.

Just analysing the acids provides the initial indications of the stability of the biological processes: If they are enriched, this might be an indication of an obstruction to methane formation caused by some defect. A more detailed examination of the supply level of the trace elements demonstrates what nutrient there is a specific lack of.

Then it has to be increased. However, it doesn't make sense nor is it advisable to increase it indiscriminately because that might produce undesired consequences. Furthermore, the limits between optimum supply and toxic effects are very tight. The only thing that can remedy the situation and bring about the desired results is a precise analysis together with precision dosing.

The preliminary mixture Metha-Tec Pro (liquid) of trace element and MethaTec Trace (granulated) systematically balances lacking materials while restoring the optimum supply level of the biology in the fermenter. You can only create a mixture that is individually aligned to the needs of the bacteria after making an analysis of the actual situation. The trace elements can be mixed both in liquid (MethaTec Pro) or granulated form (MethaTec Trace) as needed. When using these products, the plant is monitored and the quantity constantly adjusted to needs. That gives extra safety and saves money.

Numerous findings from practical work show that it makes sense to use the MethaTec preliminary trace mixture. For instance, it was possible to boost the methane content in a biogas plant near Bremerhaven, Germany (500 kW) by 3.4 percent after adding MethaTec Pro. When converted, that equals a financial plus of 1,250 euros per month. In another biogas plant in the overall area of Hannover in Germany, the methane content rose by 6.8 percent (400 kW). That is a plus of 2,800 euros or 40-50 tons of corn silage per month in financial terms when converted.

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