Reliably preserving grain

Freshly harvested grain is rarely sufficiently ready for storage. Accordingly, grain preservation is becoming increasingly important. Chemical preservation using suitable acids has proven itself here.

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These days, it is considered the highest-performance and low-cost process. The acid most frequently used for grain preservation continues to be propionic acid. It is used both as pure acid and in its buffered form of Grain Save NC. Grain Save NC is the user-friendly form that is highly effective (90 percent PS, pH value 4.1). It is also less corrosive due to its special formulation which means that it goes easy on milling and mixing plants, not to mention the warehouse.

Propionic acid works against microorganisms in three different ways. Firstly, pure propionic acid reduces the pH value on the corn surface so much that the growth and reproduction of certain microorganisms are only possible to a greatly reduced extent. In addition, the non-dissociated acid molecule is able to penetrate the cell wall of microorganisms, thervy reducing the pH value inside the cell and also the osmotic pressure, which leads to the death of the cell. Propionic acid also blocks the activity of various enzymes in the microbial cell.

What is decisive for its effect is its pH value in connection with the content of effective acid. The higher the pH value, the less microbially effective the acid is or the more should be added. For instance, if the proportion of effective acid is about 90 percent, the amount used should be increased by ten percent. The progress of the curve shows clearly how fast the effectiveness of an acid drops depending upon the pH value. If the pH value of the product is stated, the user can easily check how effective the product is or how much more should be added to achieve an effectiveness comparable to pure propionic acid. This rule also applies to all other acids used in animal feeding.

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