Great interest in the first AGRAVIS field day in Eldagsen

At the first AGRAVIS field day in Eldagsen, Lower Saxony, around 30 km to the south of Hanover, the consultants from AGRAVIS Raiffeisen AG and the subsidiary AGRAVIS Niedersachsen Süd GmbH showed tests related to the current topics in crop cultivation.

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Despite the less than optimal weather, many guests accepted the invitation and at the various locations learnt about, for example, fungicide tests in wheat and barley, the cultivation of catch crop mixes catch crop mixes and herbicide strategies in maize herbicide strategies in maize.

Since August 2013, corresponding test parcels have been planted on the roughly six-hectare site between the towns of Eldagsen and Völksen.

Big topics of the field day is were reducing the stress on resources, more efficient use of operating materials and improving the utilisation of nutrients in agricultural operations. This can be achieved, for example, through the use of a sensor-controlled nitrogen dispersal process. The AGRAVIS experts what this may look like in practice using the agricultural technology agricultural technology on display. The presentation was primarily based on soil processing without plough and on fertilising technology. Participants were able to get a close-up view of the Isaria nitrogen sensor, for example, which enables fertilising that is specific to part areas, and have it explained by experts in crop cultivation and technology.

"We will repeat this field day in 2015," said Rainer Widdel, director of AGRAVIS Niedersachsen-Süd GmbH, during the field day. Although with an even larger number of cultures. For example, tests with rape and beet are planned, he teased. Overall, he and his colleagues were extraordinarily pleased with the great response received at the premiere of the field day as well as about the intensive sharing of information among farmers in a relaxed, unforced atmosphere.

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