AGRAVIS is new partner of 365FarmNet

Tips via the Internet platform

Right on cue for the start of the DLG Field Days DLG Field Days, AGRAVIS Raiffeisen AG and 365FarmNet are announcing their collaboration. This ought to be good news for farmers, as, from the autumn of 2014, AGRAVIS Raiffeisen AG will be making its Maize Variety Guide Maize Variety Guide available via the internet platform 365FarmNet 365FarmNet.

As practical benefit for the farmer, this guarantees the direct data transmission from the corn cultivar guide into the field index cultivation plan. The future of communication is digital and mobile - this statement also applies to agriculture. The basis for this new type of economic activity is first and foremost formed by the data, their exchange and their interlinking.

Internet-based solutions play an important role in this regard. The farmer for instance submits his applications for acreage subsidy directly online. Field indices work with product data bases; companies and service providers active in the network make use of satellite communication and GPS. Data flow back and forth between office and machine – and by their evaluation supply important parameters on which to base a decision. In view of the technical possibilities, the interlinking of data turns increasingly easier. At the same time, the excessive amount of data compels automatic, integrated data processing.

Open and manufacturer-independent platforms such as 365FarmNet, which offer a hitherto unknown degree of compatibility, are ideal to accomplish this. Considering these aspects, AGRAVIS and 365FarmNet are well positioned for a partnership.

For the agricultural trading firm and service provider not only provides its customers with technology and operating supplies, but also with know-how and services. In this special case, AGRAVIS provides the farmer with a corn cultivar guide which offers him the opportunity of obtaining an overview of the utilisation- and site-adapted cultivar recommendations from the AGRAVIS crop cultivation experts AGRAVIS crop cultivation experts and of directly viewing the corresponding cultivar pages, simply by entering the respective region and clicking three buttons. For each maize variety there is a data sheet with variety qualities and test results, so that a clear comparison of the varieties is possible. Thanks to the integration in 365FarmNet, the farmer can then transfer the corresponding recommendations directly into his field index cultivation plan.

Further functions to be integrated in the course of the next year are the crop cultivation recommendations and information about upcoming events from the AGRAVIS app IQ-Plant AGRAVIS app IQ-Plant . It offers the farmer current cultivation recommendations, adapted to the location and the crop selected, for instance grain, rapeseed, corn and special crops. With integration of the contents into 365FarmNet a function will then be implemented, which enables the farmer to directly integrate the recommendations into his field index cultivation plan. It is also possible to transfer the dates of trade fairs, field days and other events into the 365FarmNet calendar.

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