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Operation of own stores

Raiffeisen-Markt GmbH operates own stores where we also test our concepts and enter into a close exchange with our customers to further the continuous improvement of our services.

The flagship store in Borken as well as recently converted Raiffeisen stores have implemented the maxim "We live and breathe customer proximity" in a multifaceted manner.

We attach great importance to a modern appearance and would like to create a place where you as customer feel completely at ease. The modern store construction concept applied in our own stores also relies on the slogan "We live and breathe customer proximity".

At regular intervals, we carry out attractive campaigns at our stores to intensify the proximity to our customers. This also includes events with which we for instance support regional animal shelters.

List of stores of AGRAVIS Raiffeisen-Markt GmbH:

Raiffeisen-Markt Aurich Raiffeisen-Markt Aurich
Wallster Weg 1
D-26603 Aurich
Raiffeisen-Markt Bad Gandersheim Raiffeisen-Markt Bad Gandersheim
Neue Straße 51 a
D-37581 Bad Gandersheim
Raiffeisen-Markt Bodenwerder Raiffeisen-Markt Bodenwerder
Ernst-Reuter-Str. 4
D-37619 Bodenwerder
Raiffeisen-Markt Borken Raiffeisen-Markt Borken
Raiffeisenstr. 1
D-46325 Borken
Raiffeisen-Markt Eldagsen Raiffeisen-Markt Eldagsen
Lange Str. 83 a
D-31832 Springe
Raiffeisen-Markt Fallersleben Raiffeisen-Markt Fallersleben
Hafenstr. 8
D-38442 Wolfsburg
Raiffeisen-Markt Kolenfeld Raiffeisen-Markt Kolenfeld
Schwalenbergstr. 44
D-31515 Wunstorf
Raiffeisen-Markt Mellendorf Raiffeisen-Markt Mellendorf
Schaumburger Str. 17
D-30900 Wedemark
Raiffeisen-Markt Osterwald Raiffeisen-Markt Osterwald
Hauptstr. 211
D-30826 Garbsen
Raiffeisen-Markt Pewsum Raiffeisen-Markt Pewsum
Adolf-Köppe-Str. 10
D-26736 Krummhörn
Raiffeisen-Markt Pritzwalk Raiffeisen-Markt Pritzwalk
Wittstocker Chaussee 3d
D-16928 Pritzwalk
Raiffeisen-Markt Roxel Raiffeisen-Markt Roxel
Nottulner Landweg 97
D-48161 Münster
Raiffeisen-Markt Schwedt Raiffeisen-Markt Schwedt
D-16303 Schwedt
Raiffeisen-Markt Vechelde Raiffeisen-Markt Vechelde
Bodelschwinghstr. 7
D-38159 Vechelde
Raiffeisen-Markt Vienenburg Raiffeisen-Markt Vienenburg
Wiedelaher Str. 10b
D-38690 Goslar
Raiffeisen-Markt Winsen Raiffeisen-Markt Winsen
Am Junkernhof 10
D-29308 Winsen
Raiffeisen-Markt Wusterwitz Raiffeisen-Markt Wusterwitz
Waldstraße 9
D-14789 Wusterwitz
Raiffeisen-Markt Ziesar Raiffeisen-Markt Ziesar
Brandenburger Landstr. 1
D-14793 Ziesar

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