The wholesale mainly deals with the procurement and marketing of merchandise from different market segments.

As our customers mainly live in rural areas, we have seen ourselves for many years already as neighbourhood store, providing our customers with an assortment of goods that offers a good solution for everyday needs.

The division consists of different product segments which are characterised by a comprehensive category management.

It is part of our business to supply our distribution partners with a comprehensive range of services and products, such as everything for the garden, pet food and accessories, textiles, equestrian sport products, fishkeeping or homeware and do-it-yourself products.

We take pleasure in introducing our business units to you:

In this category we are dealing with all sorts of gardening topics.
After all, we want your garden to blossom in the most beautiful colours the whole year round! This product range furthermore includes all those product lines that in the broadest sense have to do with the garden.
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Home and Yard
As we consider ourselves your neighbourhood store, we offer you a comprehensive range of products you may need for repair or beautification work in your own four walls.
In wintertime, we stock your new snow shovel, in summertime you will find varnishes and paints for your garden furniture in our range.
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Hobby Farming
At your  Raiffeisen store you will find a wide selection of pasture fence technology, stable equipment and hobby farming products.
Please also take a look at our latest catalogue!
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Equestrian Sport
When safety, well-being and performance of horse and horseman are at stake, no compromise can be made. Therefore, your Raiffeisen store offers you everything for the equestrian sport, satisfying the needs of the horse just as much as those of the leisure and tournament rider.
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Textiles and Shoes
At your Raiffeisen store you will find a wide selection of workwear and leisure wear for the entire family.
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In this category we are dealing with any pet-related topics.
Different types of feed and matching accessories from dogs leashes to bathtubs for your bird assist you in making living with pets a healthy and entertaining affair.
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