Builders' merchant business

You build... we provide the right construction materials for that!

We are specialist builders' merchants and advise you with the level of competence that you can only find in the specialist trade and that is appreciated by professionals – pros for pros.

We know the right construction material for every project. Whether it is a matter of cement, concrete, facing bricks, sand, a skylight or just the right dowels - our experts are well informed. We will check that the right preliminary supplier is used, and check the required quality and durability and the workmanship for you, and thus ensure that you build economically - as far as the eye can see...

With our regional subsidiaries, we are there for you locally. An extensive stock of products ensures that you are supplied quickly and reliably. At our 13 locations, we provide you, in every price segment, with the highest level of quality, service and expertise from the specialist trade.

Our trading partners from the Raiffeisen Group supplement our range throughout northern Germany.

Builders' merchant business trading partners

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Your contact:
Ingo Scheck
AGRAVIS Raiffeisen AG
Construction Materials Department
Industrieweg 110
48155 Münster
Phone: 0251 / 682-3820